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CarrotandStick 05-20-2012 08:45 PM

UCI - Sense vs Lynx vs other?
So I've just ordered a Cowon J3 because my iPod Classic is about to shuffle off the mortal coil and what with the iPad 2 factory debacle (ongoing) I'll be buggered if I'm giving Apple any more of my money.

So Cowon. Yay. =)

Anyway, while it's arriving I'm looking for ways to smoothe my transition because I get the feeling I'm going to miss my autoupdating "Top Rated" playlist and podcast functionality. I was hoping one of the UCI skins/mods could bring back some of that. I'm already aware of MediaMonkey and oddgravity's Playlist Crator, which sound dang useful. Basically, I want my shiny new J3 to play music, podcasts and audiobooks. That's about it. No extra bells and whistles. Well, the wallpaper shuffler feature in one of Kizune's builds sounds really awesome, but that's about it. :D Top rated playlists (or playlists that I can update on the fly, i.e. currently playing, add to "Awesomesauce Music" playlist) and podcasts that keep their place, these are a few of my favourite things. Can anyone suggest which UCI is best for me?

Also, Kizune - snazzy work. :p

TL;DR version: Simple but pretty UI for J3 with advanced playlist functionality and podcast/audiobook support. Wallpaper shuffle would not be sneezed at, otherwise as few 'extras' as possible. Suggest?

CarrotandStick 06-01-2012 12:05 AM

Self bump, because it arrived today! It's so small and shiny and light!

ej8989 07-14-2012 10:53 AM

this doesn't suit your needs, but the fastest UCI combination i was able to do was:

X7 - mainmenu
Klaus lite - browser
Piano - music
vision - picture

you might be interested in the future. navigation is faster than stock UI.
all other possible combinations make your j3 navigate slower. (except for the cheetah GTX, which is unfortunately still in development stage)

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