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quallianleion 05-11-2012 06:32 AM

iRiver T9: only manual album changing? really?
Hi everyone!
Recently I've bought T9 (had no player for several years and remembered that iRiver made good devices some time ago).

There is one problem still which makes it almost useless: it can't play more than one folder a time. After playing entire folder it just stops and switches off. Fast forward button just cycles in current folder. Genre/Album/Artist filters work same way. "All music" menu is garbage heap of all tracks on devices sorted alphabetically.

Only way to use this player for me is to manually change playing folder every time, no fun at all.

iriver guys probably went crazy to release it like this :(

My last hope is that there is a way to listen music non-stop somehow. Is it?
If there is no I should probably buy another player, or write a script which will generate .pla files (I found no Mac version of this iriver plus software).

ftm1776 12-09-2012 01:30 PM

In my T10 owners manual, under "Changing plaback mode", you can change the playback mode by referencing a set of icons. This would seem to do what you are looking for. I am no expert and am referring to my T10, but don't loose hope yet....there may be a way to change the way the unit plays back the music. Look in your manual if you have one.
PS: I might add the mode icons make little sense without the chart in the manual.

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