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Rika24 04-25-2012 01:46 AM

Best Sansa to buy and gear for the Fuze
I've had my Sansa Fuze (4GB) for i think 3 years now and love it to death. I've dropped in on the concrete dozens of times and it still works *knock on wood* i gotta say this thing can take a serious beating!

anyways, i have been running into some problems with it lately, mainly the updater software. After i updated it i keep getting an error message each time i plugged the player into the USB that wouldn't go away. i had to go into the task manager and click "end process tree" before the message box went away. has anyone else had this problem and is it fixable? otherwise, is it important? as i don't think the Fuze is made anymore, only the Fuze+

how long does a Sansa Fuze last? as i've said, mine is about 3 years old now and have noticed that the battery life goes down to half a lot quicker than it used to. so when, in the future, my Fuze dies, what player should i get?

and can it hurt the battery life if you charge it a lot? (i plug my Fuze into my comp almost everyday to add new songs and stuff and i'm worried it's starting to have an effect on the battery.

anyways, the Fuze was my very first mp3 player, but i had another for a short time (can't even remember the name) i sold it to my aunt a month after i bought it because i hated the thing so much. So i want to stick with Sansa from now on. things i love about the Fuze:

- Durability (i doubt an ipod would handle hitting the concrete even once without breaking)
- nice size screen
- Folders
- record feature (both for radio and voice)
- LOVE the wheel for browsing

this has got to be the main reason i can't go to just any other player, the wheel spoiled me. that mp3 player i got after the Fuze? main reason i hated it was that i had to click to scroll. i feel that the wheel makes it faster and easier to scroll.

so, i've been trying to decide what would be a good replacement for my Fuze when it goes, the Fuze+ Clip+ or Clip Zip?

right now i'm leaning towards the Clip Zip as reviews i've read on the Fuze+ don't sound too good, and i like album art so that takes care of the Clip+. but the thing is, i don't like the clip on the back as i just like the player to sit inside my pocket and not clipped on the outside (i keep thinking i'm going to lose it). is the clip possible to remove?

and final question, are there any cases for the Fuze? i've been trying to find one but haven't been able to. it's really beat up right now, to the point where the color layer on both sides are peeling off.

bikertrash 04-25-2012 03:05 AM

You will definitly like the Clip Zip. I have had two, The first one couldn't survive the washer and dryer. It doesnt have a wheel for control, but you'll probably get along great and at the price you can't go wrong.
As for the Fuze +, I see it's getting heavily discounted. It's not popular because of the touch pad control being buggy. Never tried one myself but I've heard some updated firmware corrected a lot of problems. It will probably be replaced this September and as bad a reputation as the Fuze + developed, I'd bet the Fuze name will die and the replacement will be called something else.
Basically the Clip Zip should meet all your needs though you may or may not miss the wheel. As cheap as it is just get it and when Sansa comes out with a superior Fuze replacement this fall grab that and pass the Zip on to a kid. Or keep it and forget about getting anything else.

skip252 04-25-2012 05:52 AM

You can get another Fuze from the sandisk clearance site. No retail packaging and a 90 day warranty but it's all comes to mind that still comes with a scroll wheel. There's a number of cases and accessory kits available on Amazon.

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