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Zephyr! 03-16-2012 06:23 AM

Wireless decision time....
After exhaustively looking for a set of wireless speakers, I’m about to make a choice, but am scared of screwing it up, so I figured I’d need some expert advice. These are my guidelines:

1. I wanted more than one speaker, and certainly not just a single long one (like the Jawbones Jambox). Other like the Bose Soundlink were also standalones. I prefer something modular, where you could pair separate speakers together, and get sound from different directions.
2. Wanted to avoid connectivity problems, constant drop-offs in sound, etc.
3. Mainly for use with my laptop, and if possible, paired with a 6th gen ipod nano.

The best option seems to be the Creative ZiiSound D5x. I like that the Bluetooth module is small, as opposed to some of the MASSIVE ones from other brands (e.g., Altec Lansing imw725). The Sonos 3 was the closest competitor, but it’s significantly more costly, especially because you have to buy multiple expensive accessories, such as the bridge. And if I want a Sonos remote control, it’s an additional $359! (I don’t have an iphone or ipad I could use as a remote).

The two huge bummers about the D5x seem to be that a) it has no battery or rechargeability option, and b) no remote (I actually asked Creative if they had a remote for sale, and got back a really stupid answer saying, “that’s not what the product needs or is designed for.”). I’m also very worried about the Bluetooth having an audio delay for movies, which I’ll be watching quite a bit.

I’m sure many of you are experts, but this is the best I could do after hours of research. Any recommendations? Can I do better than the D5x?

Thanks so much & cheers.

honeymonster 04-16-2012 01:58 PM

The Sonos is the best solution in my opinion, an iPod touch can act as controller, or there is an android app if you don;t have Apple devices. Failing that, us the PC desktop controller software :-)

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