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majoSK 03-03-2012 02:12 PM

Solution how to read magazines on Cowon S9
I have many pdf magazines and i tried find best way how to watch magazines on my S9. But i had trouble with reading text, it was very pixelized. There was no difference between pictures with different DPI or pixel resolutions. But i found solution:

1\ use some picture viewer which can zoom pictures exactly on 100% (i use Vision Picture Viewer which can zoom exactly on 100% with simple double tap)

2\ convert multipage pdf into jpeg pictures (with Photoshop, Universal Document Converter, etc...)

3\ resize jpeg pictures with anti-aliasing - height must be max 1000 pixels

and voilá - text is clearly readable.

I think the problem is that S9's firmware resize large pictures into own "native" resolution with poor or none antialiasing.

Here are sample pictures, try open it in your S9: picture with height over 3300 pixels (big but bad readable) and picture with height 1000 pixels (smaller but nice readable).
Try open this pictures on S9 and compare readability of both pictures.

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