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scubaseven 02-24-2012 04:32 AM

J3 Playlist making?!
Is it simple to do?

I am using media monkey, can you just sync with the J3?


DSperber 02-24-2012 04:50 AM

Read this post on another thread to provide the "magic bullet" solution for using MediaMonkey version 4, to create M3U playlists for use on the J3.

It involves (a) running the J3 in MSC mode, not MTP mode, and (b) installing a user-written add-in to MediaMonkey version 4 that restores the 2-line M3U output format which used to be standard in version 3 but which was changed by the geniuses who produce MediaMonkey to the 1-line M3U format (which is unusable by the J3) in version 4 (causing GREAT CHAGRIN to MM users who'd depended on 2-line M3U format for years).

Once that plugin is installed into MM, you can do what you want.

(NOTE: I don't use MM, but this method is the "solution" for those who do want to use it for the J3.)

scubaseven 02-24-2012 05:17 AM


Originally Posted by DSperber (Post 600369)
Read this post on another thread to provide the "magic bullet" solution for using MediaMonkey version 4, to create M3U playlists for use on the J3.

Will do, thanks.

scubaseven 02-24-2012 05:39 AM

Is there another program that exports playlists to the J3 without all that hassle?

Does WMP work?

DSperber 02-24-2012 02:51 PM


Originally Posted by scubaseven (Post 600377)
Is there another program that exports playlists to the J3 without all that hassle?

Does WMP work?

What "hassle"? If you want to use MediaMonkey version 4 then you CANNOT ACCOMPLISH WHAT YOU WANT TO FOR THE J3... at least not without installing that plugin to bring back the "extended information" #EXTINF 2-line form of the M3U playlist files produced by the program.

As I stated in my post, blame the authors of MediaMonkey... not me or Cowon or the J3. In version 3 of MediaMonkey they DID produce the needed 2-line M3U syntax understood by the J3. But when the "upgraded" the product to version 4 they [foolishly, in my opinion] decided to revert back to the "simple" 1-line version. The 1-line M3U file is understood by most/all Windows PC media player programs, but unfortunately not by the J3.

Fortunately, an irate but competent MediaMonkey user wrote this add-on plugin, which brings back the 2-line M3U syntax in the output from version 4 of the program. For this you should be thankful... assuming you wanted to use MediaMonkey to produce playlists for the J3.

You have no other choice, other than to use version 3 of MediaMonkey. You MUST install this plugin in version 4.

Now... are there other programs besides MM (which I myself despise, anyway) that produce 2-line #EXTINF M3U playlists that are usable by the J3? ABSO-F'in-LUTELY!

Use Winamp. Use Jaangle. Use Playlist Creator. These are all excellent player, organizers, and utility products. And they are all MUCH easier to use to create 2-line format M3U playlists for the J3 than is MM (which I, myself, despise, anyway).

Does WMP produce M3U? Haven't a clue. I don't use WMP. Don't need to, and don't generally like it... when the far superior Winamp and Jaangle are available for meeting my music needs.

And I use Free Commander and Beyond Compare to keep the music files on my J3 up to date. I do this MANUALLY, completely under my 100% manual control. I do NOT allow any program to just mystically "sync my J3" (whatever the H that means) without my knowing exactly what is going on.

It's not hard to COPY a file from PC to J3 with any type of Windows Explorer or equivalent utility. Why wouldn't I just use these, and know exactly what is happening, and be guaranteed of what COPY will do.

I don't want any magical mystical "transformations" or screwing with tags "on the fly" when I maintain my J3, so I don't use any program that I don't fully understand how to operate and control.

But... if you want to use MM, be my guest.

scubaseven 02-24-2012 02:58 PM

Playlist creator sounds like its worth a look.
Thanks for the info.

scubaseven 02-24-2012 03:02 PM

Does PC or Winamp have volume leveling?

That is a good thing about MM.

DSperber 02-24-2012 03:51 PM


Originally Posted by scubaseven (Post 600455)
Does PC or Winamp have volume leveling?

The process of "normalizing" is typically done when the MP3 encoding is performed.

So you'd have to enable "normalizing" (with customized parameters, probably) when you create the MP3 in the first place.

The process of process of producing an M3U playlist has zero to do with the underlying MP3 files being references. An M3U playlist file is strictly a "text" file (you could build it with Notepad, actually) that has a specific structure and syntax. It's really just a list of music files.

So using the playlist-creation functionality of Winamp or Playlist Creator, is really no different than using Notepad to type a document. It's just been made easier for you, since there is a GUI-like interface that lets you tell the program what to type on your behalf. Otherwise, there's no difference from Notepad when producing an M3U playlist file.


That is a good thing about MM.
I don't know what you're referring to. What feature in MM are you describing?

Does MM create MP3 files from CDs (i.e. can it rip/encode/tag)? Can it play music? Does it "normalize" while playing back existing MP3 files?

I assure you, there is nothing in an M3U playlist file that involves "normalization" in any way whatsoever. It's just a list of music files, and where they live (physical external folder and file name).

Again, if you like MM then use it. And if it gives you everything you want, and the M3U playlists produced for the J3 are usable on the J3 and work as you want... well, it seems that's the right approach you should use.

Whatever works best and most conveniently (or least inconveniently) for you, then that's the "correct" approach.

scubaseven 02-24-2012 05:21 PM

Under "tools" in MM, you click on "level track volume".

Does Winamp or PC have this?

DSperber 02-24-2012 06:29 PM


Originally Posted by scubaseven (Post 600472)
Under "tools" in MM, you click on "level track volume".

I see. I'm not a MM user so I didn't know it could do that when playing music.


Does Winamp or PC have this?
Well Playlist Creator is not a music player. It's a playlist creator utility. That's its purpose. It produces M3U text files better and easier than Notepad would, but otherwise it's no different.

As far as Winamp goes, there's nothing actually officially built into Winamp that can normalize or volume-level at playback time.

(1) But... there are EQ presets (saved by the name of each music file, if you want) that allow you to customize your tone/volume/gain when listening to each individual music file. Then you can "save preset" and by default an EQ-settings file with the name of that music file is saved.

And then from that point on, anytime you ever play that music file again Winamp will automatically load that EQ-settings preset file, and use it to affect playback. So you're now listening to that music file with exactly the same tone/volume you wanted when you last saved its EQ-preset.

And Winamp supports every music file individually, by name, with this saved-preset functionality. So every song you play can have a different saved EQ-preset file to make it sound optimal to you.

(2) Or, you can use an outside functionality named "Replay Gain" to affect Winamp's volume levels at playback time. You can find the details about it on this site.

I do not know anything about this myself, nor do I use it. But there's plenty of web-discussion about Replay Gain with Winamp. It's a widely used piece of software.

(3) Or, you can use other assorted Winamp playback plugins that claim to address the same issue. For example, RockSteady, Volume Leveler, etc. I myself have used NONE of these, so I can't vouch for any of them. I do not normalize during playback.

Again... if you do want your audio volumes "normalized" it is normally done when the MP3 is first created. Certainly Audiograbber provides that capability.

But it's something that should also be used "wisely". For example, quiet music should not be "normalized" up to 98% just because that is the "average loudness level" you want things to be at. At least that's my own opinion.

Anyway, I created my own music files accepting whatever was the recorded level on the original CD... except if it was over-loud and reached 100%. In that case I do normalize down to 98%, which is STILL really probably too loud (there's not too much difference here between 98 and 100).

For sure I do NOT compress (which is an additional option associated with normalization) as part of my own occasional normalization. It's purely a volume leveling that I do. But most normalizing capability does include the option to compress as well.

scubaseven 02-24-2012 07:01 PM

Thanks again, cheers.

Joshua Conrady 10-18-2012 10:16 PM

another thing to try
Another thing that I have found has worked is to open the .m3u file in notepad. When you do, it will look something like this:
#EXTINF:*, Artist - Album
..\other folders in here\Music\Artist\Album\Song Title.mp3

What you need to do is delete the folders between \Music and the .. You can do this by clicking the Edit menu and then going to Replace. After you do that, enter the folders between \Music and .. and replace it with nothing. After you do this you can copy the revised .m3u files to the playlists folder on the J3. Your playlists will then work as long as all of the music files in the playlist are on either the internal or external storage depending upon where you placed the playlist file. In other words, just keep your songs on the same drive that you put the playlist. Then everything will work.

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