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hazza_t10 01-18-2012 02:58 PM

h.264 tutorial using RipBot264 (DVD and Blu Ray!)

It’s time for a new h.264 guide. We all know that SUPER is not great. I've also become aware that it is now being bundled with a program that can be considered spyware. With this new guide though, there is no need to use SUPER again for S9 or J3 conversion.

The piece of software I’ll be using is called RipBot264, which is freely available. Ripbot264 requires the installation of a few other bits, such as up-to-date FFDShow filters and AVISynth. Simply download RipBot264 and unpack it to a handy directory – it does not need installing. When you run it the first time it will tell you what other things it needs you to get. Let’s get going.

Temporary Folders

Before we go about adding files, you need to consider hard drive space. Ripbot make a Temp folder which can be large, usually at least as big as the ripped disc. In older versions, RipBot would place this folder in the root of the drive letter with the most free space. BEWARE if you have external hard drives connected, this will take a long time! The new version appears to want to create it in the C: drive every time. Therefore, make sure you have enough space for the ripped disc again. It will speed things up if you can put the rip on a second hard drive.


First off, click the ‘Add’ button and navigate to the folder of your ripped disc. For a DVD, just select one of the biggest .VOB files. In most cases you can actually select any of the files. For a Blu-Ray rip you will need to navigate to the BDMV/STREAM/ folder and select the biggest .m2ts file. Again, in most cases, clicking any file will do.

If you have selected a Blu-ray .m2ts, you will now see the following box:

You now have a bit of a wait whilst it merges the VOBs or de-muxes the m2ts. Don’t worry, this really can take some time.

When it’s finished, you’ll see this:

We’ll look at the following:

When it’s ready, click the small “…” box for Profile (1). If it hasn’t appeared, click where it should be, sometimes this happens :P You’ll need to set this box as follows, delete any text in the box and paste in the commands below.

--profile baseline --level 3.0 --no-cabac --filter 0,0 --ref 1 --no-mixed-refs --bframes 0 --b-adapt 0 --no-weightb --weightp 0 --b-pyramid none --subme 6 --aq-mode 0 --trellis 0 --partitions p8x8,b8x8,i4x4 --no-8x8dct --me hex

Make sure you set a name for your new profile before clicking OK :D

Next, set the Audio to FHD AAC-LC 128kbps (2)

For the Mode (3) I would use CQ, as 2-pass is excessive for a mobile player. It also takes quite a lot longer. I find that 20-22 are sensible settings for a film. Set to 22, you can expect a ~600MB file for a typical film. Setting to 20 will increase this to 750+MB.

Click the Properties box (4), and in the Size box, select PSP.iPhone 480x272. This is also the place where you need to select any subtitle tracks, if applicable. You may also want to set Crop to Automatic. I do not like to stretch the video in any circumstances so I do not select this, but it’s personal preference. Click OK in the bottom right to return to the main screen. If the button is not there, aim for where it should be and it will appear.

Make sure that Normalize (5) is set to 100%, as some films are very quiet!

Finally, set the file type to .MP4 (6) and then click Done!

You’ll now be back to the job list, so providing you’re happy, click Start!

hazza_t10 01-18-2012 02:58 PM

Post reserved for any modifications.

I will probably revise the formatting soon!

heinzgruber 02-14-2012 08:39 AM

thanks for your tutorial. working great for me and it's beautiful to watch perfect encoded videos on the j3 :)

hazza_t10 02-26-2012 04:54 PM

Thanks for the feedback dude, I'm pleased it's worked for you :D

piranha17 04-07-2012 02:13 PM

Hi hazza_t10,
great tutorial you make and is the only one is working great on my J3.

rainbow 05-20-2012 09:49 AM

Would love to try this but!!!
Hi there,

Would really love to try this method but just cannot download RIPBOT with any success. I have opened the other programmes you mention but it still won't open.
What am I doing wrong?



sjaakjaak 07-16-2012 02:35 PM

thx for the totorial but during the converting progress some program (forgot the name) stopped working and the converting stopped (24% done). Then I have a move that does work but which is only 24% complete...


Super also doesn't work anymore.


This time it did complete but: I can't play the file on my j3; it crashes directly when playing. I've done all things exactly as told..

(Back to Super)

Edit 2:

My converted file (with super) is an avi file and works
The mp4 file doesn't work and mp4 files never worked on my j3

partyhatman 10-04-2012 05:20 PM

I signed up just now purely to post that you are fantastic for posting such a good, clear tutorial. Many many thanks to you.

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