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JK98 01-18-2012 01:14 PM

JVC HAS160 A great $13 headphone!
After Marvin the Martian recommended that people try the JVC "Flats" since he enjoyed his JVC HAS150 'Flats", I decided to try the newer model, the HAS160. I was trying to find some comparisons of two, but found just one post of someone who claimed to have both, and claimed that the HAS160 has better bass than the HAS150.

Since this headphone was around $10(sometimes it can be gotten for under $10. Now it is around $13) I didn't expect much. The sound amazed me. It sounds very neutral, and has decent(but not exaggerated) bass and a nice midrange and highs. The sound reminds me of the Sony V6, but with not as much detail. I prefer the sound of the HAS160 to that of the Portapro, and have only a slight preference for the PX100 over the HAS160. The HAS160 has less bass than the PX100, but much better highs.
Like all other JVC headphones, this headphone seems to need plenty of burn in to be at its best.

This is a closed supraaural headphone that is very compact. It feels very solidly built. It is similar in size to the PX100 and Portapro, however the headband doesn't fold. The driver enclosures do rotate to the flat position. It doesn't isolate much.

At around $13, this is one of the greatest headphone bargains, as it compares so well with headphones that are around $40. Sometimes the price on this drops below $10. I think some people said they bought it for under $10 at Big Lots. Other places occasionally put the black ones on sale.

skip252 01-18-2012 01:17 PM

Do you have a link to a commonly available source at $10? If not your thread title is misleading and should be corrected.

Thank you for your edits. The JVC Flats can sometimes be found for $10. I got my JVC HAS 150 for $10.99 a couple of years ago. I couldn't find them commonly at $10 so I thought it best to fairly represent the current price. I'd like to note the MSRP is $19.99 but is you look around they can usually be found in the range you have posted now.

I've recommended them frequently but I wouldn't classify them as great. A surprisingly good for the price headphone, yes. "Great" I reserve for better offerings.;)

FreeZ5 01-18-2012 02:23 PM

commonly available?

in pink from Best Buy USA Marketplace (ie not Best Buy)


The DarkSide 01-18-2012 02:32 PM

$12.91 with free Prime S&H on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listi...&condition=new

JK98 01-18-2012 07:41 PM

I said it is "a great $13 headphone", meaning it is great for the price. It isn't better than the Sony V6, and imo is also slightly lower in sound quality than the PX100. I do think it sounds better than the Portapro though. $13 doesn't buy much these days.
Also keep in mind that the HAS160 is said to sound better than the HAS150(better bass?) The HAS150 has a rather flat frequency response chart. I couldn't find the chart for the HAS160.


Marvin the Martian 01-21-2012 02:39 PM

These headphones are almost $40 on Walmart's website....lol.

skip252 01-21-2012 03:17 PM

Big reason why I thought it important to establish a reasonable, everyday, baseline price, Marv. Having the MSRP available also seemed like it would be a good idea .

I've found JVC Flats, not sure if they were HAS160 or the 150 model, for as little as $7.99 in the past. It wouldn't be reasonable to say they're great $8 headphones in a thread title though.

At $13-$14 they're still a decent bang for the buck. I don't know every low priced headphone on the market but I haven't found anything better at that price.

At $19.99 MSRP they're still not not bad. I'd wait for a sale or get them online though. They frequently go on sale at a decent price.

No way in hell they're worth the $36.88 I'm seeing on the Wally World site right now. I'm wondering if that's a typo.

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