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JK98 01-18-2012 12:51 PM

JVC HAS650 a good alternative to the PX200II?
I was curious about the PX200II as I already own the PX100 and wanted a closed compact supraaural headphone that is similar. The $76 price of the PX200II turned me off. The JVC HAS650 is just $34 on Amazon. I bought the HAS650 after having the HAS600 and wanting something closed that is more compact.

When I first listened to the HAS650, it reminded me of the Sennheiser PX100's warm sound, and also of the HAS600 but with more detail and also being more dynamic. The HAS650 does of course have more bass impact since it is closed and PX100 is open. Originally the HAS600 had bass that was not well controlled, but after extended burn in it sounds much more neutral, with the bass much tighter. The bass on the HAS650 has also been getting tighter and the detail is increasing with burn in. The reviews of the PX200II claim that it is less warm than the PX100, being much closer to neutral.

The HAS650 is very comfortable. While it is closed, its isolation isn't great. Its driver enclosures rotate to make the headphone flat, however the headband doesn't fold.

I am enjoying the sound of the HAS650, and listening to it as I type this. Imo for $34 it is a great value. A good idea would be to get the burn in over in the first week by letting it play continuously for around a week at a slightly higher than normal listening volume.

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