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jackmike008 12-27-2011 12:22 AM

Is there any way to download applications to the walkman X series?
i had recently bought the sony walkman x series, thinking it would be vaguely similar to the apple itouch. however to my dismay you are not able to add any additional applications like how you are able to do with an itouch. i love the sound quality and such of the walkman however this endeavor is unfortunate. does anyone know how i might be able to add anything to the walkman x or if it is even possible?

singer12 01-19-2012 10:19 PM

hi there the answer to ur qs is NO sorry to dissapoint you but the x series was made for people who wanna have an mp3 player with the best sq ever thats why it has features like eq vt souround etc.this player was not made to be a pda type or similar to itouch.if you bought it to play games then you should sell it and go back to ipod.this player is good to listen music and watch videos on the go but then again you do get some extra features as the web browser which sux the youtube player which you can see more videos online a must have feature, and photos app to put all ur fav photos and of course listen to the radio another must have feature something that is missing from the apple product.Apart from that there is nothin else u can do with the x walkman .
AS i said its not a pda or a gamin mashine. it focus on the music part only leaving the smart capabilities aside.and i guess thats why it kinda failed in sales and many people prefered to buy the ipod and didnt care for the sq.
In two words the ipod is similar to a psp and this is similar to the old good walkman players from the 80s but with a touch screen and way 2 advanced
ps there is another player z1000 you should check that one it has the same sq with the xseries it runs android and its a ipod touch killer.

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