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Jerommel 12-26-2011 04:25 PM

WM-PORT walkman dock connector
Hi all,

At the moment I'm waiting for some cables with a WM-PORT connector I ordered recently.

Did y'all know that you can record stereo audio, run / charge from a remote powersource while playing, have a line out, some more stuff.... when you find the right pins on the connector?

I only just ordered a nearly out of stock, genuine Sony WM-PORT cable, with audio out, video out and USB:
WMC-NWV10 for a whopping € 29,-- (free shipping though..)
Very costly !
In fact more expensive then my 2nd hand E443

I do have the pin-out of the WM-PORT somewhere, after a thorough wwwebsearch, I'll look it up and post it here.
After figuring it out somewhat...

Anyway, FiiO has its L5 (WM-PORT --> 3.5mm stereo jack) line out cable, and many varieties available in the bay, but it's only line out...


Jerommel 01-03-2012 05:26 PM

Still waiting for cables...

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