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EdisonLite 12-17-2011 02:40 PM

updating file pathnames in CMS

I created some playlists in Creative MediaSource Organizer (versions 3 and 5). At the time, the mp3s were all in a temp folder called "temp" (on my C drive). Now they are scattered about in other folders (on my external F drive).

So when I now try to drag the playlists into my new 60 GB Xtra (that I just upgraded to), it can't locate the files that have moved and won't add those entries into the playlist I'm transfering into the player. Strangely, some entries on the CMS playlists seem to have been updated themselves (without my doing it) because they now have their proper new locations. Other entries have old, wrong locations, so I guess CMS did some updating on its own.

Anyway, I'd like CMS to seek out and find the new locations of those mp3s (the folders where I moved them to) and update the playlists accordingly. Any way to accomplish this?

UPDATE: I was just looking in tools in CMS and found "Media Sniffer". It says it monitors the changes (movements, deletions, additions) of media files in my computer and automatically updates the PC Music Library database to resolve or prevent broken links. This seems like it could do the trick, but I'm not clear of exactly what to do. Basically, I want all the wrong, broken links in the playlists to be updated to their present location (i.e. this would be MOVEMENTS). But when I check off the Media Sniffer box, it asks:

Upon detection of new files:
*Always ask whether to add files into the library
*Add files into library without asking
*Ask when file does not contain artist, album or genre info

I don't necessarily want it to add ANY files it discovers into the library (I'm a songwriter and have all sorts of work-in-progress mp3s that I don't want to be added to my Music Library). I just want MOVEMENTS of existing entries in the library to be noticed and fixed.

Secondly, it then asks for folders to monitor. Do I add every old wrong folder, or every new correct folder (or both)? There are a lot of folders in question -- and it says "Your computer performance may be affected if too many folders are being monitored" so I only want to add the ones I must.

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