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ralphyd 12-13-2011 04:53 PM

Q3 Replacement battery for 8GB version
I'm seriously thinking of buying either a Q2 or a Q3, each with 8GB.
I prefer the Q3 for its tactile keypad, but there doesn't seem to be any offering for a replacement battery for it. I've googled for an hour and found nothing, whereas for the Q2 there are several sources to choose from.
Perhaps the same Q2 battery be used on the Q3. If there's no assurance of a replacement solution with the Q3, I'd seriously consider going with the Q2. Any pointers/suggestions would be appreciated.

lebellium 12-13-2011 05:30 PM

Well none has a user replaceable battery. That means you have to fully disassemble the device to replace the battery so obviously you wouldn't do that everyday, it may just be useful when the battery is dead in 3 years.
But in 3 years it would almost cost more to buy a new battery than a new gen player so for me that's not something that should be taken into account in the choice.

The only trusty website with official parts is http://www.samsungparts.com
They have many parts included battery for older models until the Q2 but for newer models like the Q3 they have almost nothing, probably because nobody gets interested in DAPs anymore and still less interested in replacement parts.

No, the Q2 battery doesn't fit the Q3.

I own almost any Samsung DAP and trust me, the Q3 is much better than the Q2. You know, the shitty touchpad...

ralphyd 12-14-2011 04:14 AM

Thanks for your prompt and extensive answer.
I checked out samsungparts.com and the only spare part available for the Q3 is the manual. They do have a replacement battery for the Q2 but, as you say the price is exorbitant ($29) and the shipping charge is totalment fou ($29) -- total cost equals the price of a new Q3. Q2 replacement batteries are available on Ebay for $15, so samsung know where they can go with their parts.
However, your advice re the Q2 keypad has convinced me :-) as I'll be playing the unit from my pocket half the time, so I go for the Q3 (macho black version)
Still, I can't help thinking that it's a shame that devices as nice as these don't come with a user-replaceable battery, like a mobile phone.

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