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TinyTiger 12-11-2011 06:55 PM

D2 screen shows 'no music' yet shows on puter
After dragging and dropping some tunes on a friends Apple on to my 5 yr old Cowon 16GB D2 4.57 (normally used with my PC),it either freezes completely, or shows 'no music' on screen , and also has a selection of different (apple?) menus under 'Music'which I did not have before, nor want.
When it is connected with the USB to my laptop, I appears to have all the usual menus and music and videos showing, along with the new stuff I have just put on as if nothing is wrong..
I have tried rebooting, deleting, restarting etc, but nothing works. I have no idea how to re load the firmware, nor what I need. Please help! Thanks

tienbasse 12-12-2011 04:00 AM

Try formatting the D2 memory with SDFormatter (software dedicated to formatting sd-type flash drives, do a Google search "Cowon D2 SDFormatter" for instructions) and then copy the last firmware on the empty drive. Disconnect and reboot the D2, it should be brand new and faster to boot than ever.

Try to avoid MAC connection, it often puts unwanted hidden files on top of your usual music files. D2 is not a big fan of that. Or to avoid that, tick the "show hidden files" on your PC and get rid of unwanted files. There shouldn't be anything hidden in your music files except some cover pictures.

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