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Granjow 10-21-2011 03:59 PM

D3 or J3 -- or neither?
Hi there,

I'm trying to decide for a new audio player after my iRiver died by a blown up battery a few months ago. (If it had not been the battery, it would perhaps have died of the terrible UI, the unbearably slow controls, just another video it could not play either although they said it should, or some other bug.)

Documentation about the J3 and the D3 seems to be minimalistic, which does not make my choice easier either.

I'm a programmer, so a big plus would be if I could write programs for the player. Also taking notes should be possible. The player should run on Linux as well.

For the D3 I read that it uses Android, (which sucks for programming imho,) and that it must be at least as slow as the iRiver I had (the E100) because of the outdated hardware.
I could not find anything about the OS running on the J3. And how about its speed? Also, is it faster than the D3? Is the hardware up-to-date?

Then finally some phones (HTC Wildfire S, Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace, LG E510 Optimus Hub and so on) are cheaper than a D3 (and have much more RAM etc.). Why not just get such one?

Can you enlighten me?

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