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Vlad28 10-13-2011 12:03 PM

Can All Sonys Be Used In MSC?
Hi to all ! ( Im new here , recently joined :D) I was looking into this forum many times and it really helped me , heres the thing , and hope you guys can help me whit this .. Im planning to buy a new Sony E. mp3,,.. (or maybe creative zen x-fi .. ) : since IM planning to buy in ebay ( I live in Argentina ) Im looking something between 50 to 100 .. and I saw some good ,nice Sony walkmans there :D .. some like : NWZ S544, S616F, E355 ,E436 ,.. regarding audio quality.. something to recommend?
and second.. The sony Walkman s .. can I use them like a flash -drive or pendrive ?
I work whit photoshop psd files.. I read that mp3 that can be used like pendrive must support ¨UMS, MSC¨ .. all sony mp3 can do this or some yes other no ?

best regards to all ..
Vladimir ( Buenos Aires . Argentina)

Mf1232 10-15-2011 07:02 AM

As far as I know yes, pretty much all Sony Walkmans can be used in MSC mode like a flash drive. I have owned a few Sony Walkmans throughout the past, and have used them quite often as flash drives for school, because I don't have a flash drive.

As far as sound quality goes. Sony all the way. Especially over Creative. Sony uses a superior amp in their devices.


Vlad28 10-16-2011 11:46 AM

Mf1232 thank you for your reply ,.. IM new in this thing about ¨buying mp3 player¨ I used for the past years only cell-phones and smartphones to listen music .. my last mp3 player was an ooold X-view ¨raptor¨ :P ^^ so now, when I started to look , I went very dizzy :DDDD
besides I found Abi an exelent forum .. I was looking in teh forum topics and really good info and ppl here ..
thank u again
ps: yeap creative now is out of my list .. :P

ps1: hmm it seems that new sony players like E, S series are good for the budget ..also I hear that S series has better earphones .. but previous models had better features that lack in newest series like in build ¨¨sound cancelling¨¨ tech .. so my idea now is.. always regarding ¨sound quality¨ is if go for a Sony E or S serie.. or buy let say.. a sansa fuze whit + some nice earphones .. :P -_-U

skip252 10-16-2011 12:24 PM

Don't try to shop sound quality. Assume that a quality player volume matched, with all the EQ and sound enhancements off will sound like the next. As much as you read otherwise, repeated testing has shown that to be true. There was a time just a few years ago that wasn't true but things have moved forward to where it's actually pretty easy to make a low price DAP that sounds as good as one that sells for a much higher price. Where the difference comes in is features. Screen size and type, sound enhancements, like Cowon's BBE or Sony's set of DSPs are what I'd look at when making a decision.

So shop features instead. Want sound cancelling that comes from the player? Get the Sony that has that. Want a clean, flat signal that can drive just about any regular set of headphones well? Get the Fuze. Like the BBE sound enhancements? Get a Cowon.

What I'm saying is that if you have a specific model in mind it's best to ask about that model. If you list specific models that you are considering that would be helpful. Just Sony E or S doesn't really help any one know what you have in mind.

Take a look here. There a list of information you can supply that would help others help you. There's also several recommendations from members as to which they think are good choices. You may find one that works for you there.

Vlad28 10-17-2011 01:25 AM

Hi recently joined Abi .. so Im pretty new around ..
well the thing is this .. I have around 100 -130 u$d ..( I know its not much ¬¬U :P ) and I want to invest this in a smart way .. :D in the past years I was using my smartphone ( to listen music) ,.but now I need something small and whit LCD screen .. ( I like to see playlist, songs etc, clearly ..)
of course sound quality is top priority .. in other words the best thing that I can afford whit that money :P .. and since I live in Argentina ( south .. yeah veery soouth , almost in the ass of the word :DD XD ) my better choice is via ebay.
since IM new into this.. your advice /opinions would be appreciated .
so then my idea is :
1- how about the Sansa Fuze? they are around 40$ + some nice earbuds ( or the best I can find for 50-70 $)
2 sony walkman series : it seems that S or E series have the same audio quality regarding what I read in Abi .. or at least theres no big difference..
some ppl recommended to look older models.. some of them had ¨in build¨ noise concealing tech .. but dont know if I going to be lucky to find one...
so for the sony I spot this :
(used) NWZ S638F,
Sony Walkman NWZ-E354 Black ( + - 65-70 u$d)
Sony Walkman NWZ-S545 (+ - 80 u$d )

this 3 are cost more than 100 usd ( 100-130)
Sony NWZ-E465 Black 16GB
Sony Walkman NWZ-S755 Black (16 GB)

I agree that most of the earphones that comes whit the product 95% of them are very bad.. so if I go for the sonys models maybe if I by teh cheap one I can buy some cheap earbuds but still better than those that are in the pack :P .. it would be awesome .. so I need and advice here too .. there are good earbuds for 20 usd + - that are better that those backed whit sony walkman series?

sansa clip regarding all teh comments its very good but I dont like the small screen -_-U

maybe I missed some other brand&model .. ??
well thank to all of you in advance ..

ps: sansa fuze + some 50-70 u$d erabuds maybe that combo it would be a better choice than a sony whit they r provided earphones?

humm regarding SQ, I pick sansa and sony .. but IM open to other brands .. :)

Vlad28 10-17-2011 08:53 AM

Skip252 thank you a lot for the advice's and I really appreciate it ..
something wired.. I was sure that I post my post in other forum ( in general Mp3 discussion , I thought that it would be better because I was asking about many things and products and not only about sony :D ..) but I saw it here now .. I hope this is because a moderator move it here and not because my mistake :P -_-U ( that would be veeery awkward for me :DDD hahahaha )
anyway Im in tune whit what you was saying although Im very interested in sony products my idea is basically a cheap sony + a pair of headphones
or a sansa fuze + a pair of headphones ..
humm but if I follow your advice .. maybe it s better the fuze ( because flac support .. ..
best regards!

skip252 10-17-2011 10:57 AM

No problems here. I moved the threads together because it's best that all the related information in your search for a player be in the same thread. It's easier for others to respond and for future searches. You can change the title to show you're looking at buying a DAP by using the Advanced menu once you hit the Edit button in your first post. There's a good chance you'll get more responses than just mine once you do that.

One other thing, using FLAC or any other lossless codec on a DAP is almost certainly just a waste of space. It's very nearly impossible to distinguish between a properly encoded .mp3 file at a quality level that's transparent to you and lossless. You can test that for yourself using foobar2000 and it's ABX comparator component.

I know you see claims of audible superiority for lossless over lossy. However you just about never read about anyone being able to demonstrate they can tell a difference when they don't know which is being played. If you can't tell a difference why use up your space carrying GBs of bits you can't hear?

The same goes for those that say they use a certain setting but have never actually tested to see if they can truly hear a difference. Since they haven't done the testing they don't know what they can actually hear. Given that they don't know but are willing to advise anyway I would put their advice in the same category as the ones who say lossless is the only way to go. It may work for them but your results may be very different once you ABX.

All this is to say that when you're thinking about buying a DAP there are some simple ways to maximize your bang for the buck. Picking a codec and quality level that's best for your uses is fairly simple and once it's done you may find that you can get a significant increase in storage space for the price of some time spent testing what's best for you.

Considering there's usually very little, if any, audible difference between properly encoded files I would concentrate my attention is what actually puts the music in your ears, the headphones.

Some models like the NWZ-S755, NWZ S638F and NWZ-S738FBNC come with headphones that are much better than any stock buds. If you get those you shouldn't need to upgrade your headphone right away. The one thing about those with built in noise cancelling is that only works with the included or other compatible Sony headphones. Since that locks you into using a limited set of headphone to have that feature you should know that as you're making your decision.

If you do get one of the other models with stock buds I would think about upgrading immediately. You just can't hear what they are putting out with those. I don't know what's available to you in Argentina in your price range. You may want to check here and post that information as a separate thread in the Headphones subforum. If you list some you know that are available to you here there's usually some members that can give you an idea if they are a good value.

Last thing for now. Older players have older batteries. Lithium batteries have a fairly long but limited shelf life. The storage conditions will have an effect on how much and how fast they deteriorate but nothing can make the deterioration not occur. Given that I would be very cautious about buying an older model.

Vlad28 10-18-2011 02:59 PM

Skip252 ,..thank you so much (again) for your time and writing me.. really you clarify a lot of things to me and make things more easy .. I really appreciate it .thanks man !
one of your sentences caught my attention and really,.. i cant be more agree whit you:

.. ¨Considering there's usually very little, if any, audible difference between properly encoded files I would concentrate my attention is what actually puts the music in your ears, the headphones¨
my plan is to buy something in ebay (USA) :D and if I dont have a chance whit the nwzS755 orS738 .. I would go for other sony s NWZ-E354 or S545 and look for some advice here about headphones..
about FLAC &and other codecs .. thanks .. I was thinking the same .. . I just simply going to focus in what best DAP I could get :P
and if I need the earphones ..

thanks again

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