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Kalokairi 10-03-2011 11:46 AM

Known issues of the Q3?
Hello all! :)

I accidently killed my beloved YP-R0 by putting too much stuff on it. Yeah, I knew about the problem but forgot about it because I never managed to actually use up the 8 GB in the almost 2 years I had it - now it's stuck in the neverending library update. So it's basically dead now and I absolutely NEED another mp3-player and spending the last two weeks with my old Walkman (E436 in my case) was absolutely horrible. I suppose the interface and ability to customize almost everything to my wishes has sort of spoilt me so I didn't really consider either another Walkman or a Zen etc. Unfortunately, in my country it seems to be impossible to get another R0 (which, despite knowing about the problems, I'd buy it again in a heartbeat; after all, in theory, I know what not to do), at least a new one, not off ebay, so I decided to 'upgrade' and get myself an Q3 which, as I understand, is essentially the same as the R0, just a little uglier and cheaper-looking (sorry, I just think the brushed metal of the R0 is much prettier than black or white/pink plastic). I just ordered it yesterday and don't have it yet. I expect it within the next 7 days, though :D

So, my question is essentially: Does the Q3 have any known issues, such as the killer-library-update or problematic firmware or anything similar that people should know about? I don't want to destroy this one too if I can help it so it'd be nice to know! If it makes a difference: It's shipped from the UK, so it will probably have the EU region codes; I have no idea which firmware version it will be but I take it the newest one is stable/safe?

Sorry if this has already been asked - I tried to comb the forum beforehand but somehow this question in itself hasn't seem to come up yet... (if it has, please let me know!)

lebellium 10-03-2011 12:09 PM

It's a pity you did not have the modded firmware on your R0 :D

Actually although the Q3 UI is almost the same than on the R0, it's based on another developemen platform and that's why the firmware is much more stable.
I haven't heard of a library update issue yet.
Moreover, I reported many bugs and most of them have been fixed yet.
The latest firmware 1.39 is much more safer and stable than firmware 1.25 for R0 (but not safer than modded firmware 2.20 for R0 hehe :D)

And don't forget my ABI Q3 review ;)

Kalokairi 10-03-2011 12:28 PM

Well, it's not like I could do anything about it anymore. Stuff simply happens if you're careless :(

I just noticed the UCIs (I loooove graphics gadgets), are they save to use? Seems like no one complained yet that they killed their player.

Of course I read your review ;) I also read most of the reviews on amazon.co.uk and amazon.com. It looks like the thing most people complain about are the screen and the lock and suppose I can live with that. I just wanted to know beforehand how the chances were that I accidently killed the new player by doing something stupid (like putting too much music on it *lol*).

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