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elpezverde 09-25-2011 06:18 PM

Iriver e300 music storage
Help! I have just purchased an Iriver e300 - it is very slow and awkward to use but worst of all it doesn't sort music in alphabetical order! It seems to sort it in the order in which the files were copied to the device. So finding a certain artist or album is a complete nightmare - have to scroll through hundreds of files in search of them.

Has anyone else had this experience? and know how to fix it??

cowoniriver 11-24-2011 05:42 PM

Here is the solution for most irivers doing that
Unless the glorious clix, many iriver players do that, the E100 (very close to your E300)
also, play in the order the files are written on the F.A.T. (especially when come from torrents)
There's 2 ways to fix:
1) Open iriver plus, the "itunes" cousin that is suposed to be sold with your player or downloadable at iriver's site
Conect the player (better not on mtp mode) as the screen gets
splitted between your pc and your device, go to your device , expand
the bad sorted folder , click with right mouse's button on the track
and you see popup menu"change playing order ..F6" ,then you move up and down
to the good place.
Yes!! it's horrible if you have many unsorted albums

2) When using the player stand-alone (unpluged)Instead browsing folders ,browse data base, then the player order is ok (alpha-numerical&growing unless your mp3 idtags are bad

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