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lebellium 09-16-2011 06:23 AM

Firmware 1.16 for Z3
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Not sure many people own a YP-Z3 here but just in case, here is the new firmware for this DAP fixing most of bugs I reported

Download Firmware 1.16 (you can also download it in attachment)

-Improve a bit battery life (music playback)
-Fix the Voice recording problem when battery is low
-Fix the FM RDS display issue
-Fix the duplicated string for music play screen (FR language)
-Fix the album name issue with FLAC files
-Fix the default date
-Support the melons subtitle function (?!!)
-Remove the only partially working M3U support -_- (NB: in fw 1.15 the Z3 partially supported M3U playlists, that means it stopped the playback after every song instead of automatically skipping to the next song. Instead of fixing this issue, the R&D removed the M3U support because it is not officially supported in the specs. Hum)

Known issue:
-Artist name issue with FLAC files

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