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sim88 09-14-2011 08:07 AM

Bought a J3 from mp3player.de but I have problems with payment
Hello everybody,
this is my first post here but it's almost two years now since ABI became my point of reference about..well, anything but ipods. I have been a happy owner of a Cowon D2 which sadly left me a month ago after falling from my pocket..but this is a sad story and I won't go on ;)

So I've decided to buy a J3 from mp3player.de, where I found some of the best prices.
After completing checkout (a bit difficult because it's all in german, I am italian and I would have preferred at least some english) I've sent the payment with PayPal, but at the end of the transaction instead of simply clicking on the link to be redirected again on mp3player.de, i opened a new tab (I use Google Chrome if it can be useful) and found myself unable to get back to the checkout because the session was expired. Now I don't have the money anymore on my credit card, I also have the receipt for the payment, but in my account the transaction doesn't result as completed.

I have already contacted the webmaster but had no response (even though I have to say that it all happened only a few hours ago so probably I should only wait). Did anybody have experience with this seller? Is it a problem I can easily solve?

Thanks for any reply, I hope I posted in the right place :D

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