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Pottish 08-29-2011 08:44 PM

S9 + sennheiser pxc 250's (noiseguard)
Hi, I'm looking to buy one of these nice sounding S9 walkmans as an upgrade to my sony nwz e445 walkman. I'd like to get an improvement in sound quality, tis why I'm changing walkman.

I'm wondering how the s9 will sound with my headphones. The noiseguard does it's job of cutting noise. But it also makes the sound different, seems to raise the volume and how deep the bass is, and how bright the trebles are. Not an audiophile and don't assume to know exactly how the sound is changed lol.

Anyone know if they'll work well with the BBE+ and everything else on the s9? Would love to find out in person first hand but with no shops selling them in Scotland that won't be happening.

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