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terrylevitt 08-21-2011 07:46 AM

Apparent limit of song numbers on YP Q3
Firstly forgive me if I transgress any of the rules of your site. I am new to this.
I have a newly purchased Samsung YP_Q3, firmware 1.37 ( released April 2011). The Kies software is version 1.53.
My problem is that there appears to be a track limit of 1000 songs whereas the specifications in the Manual state that 3000 are allowed.
I used Kies to transfer ~1200 songs but many of them are missing from the Q3 song list. Windows Explorer shows them to be present in the Q3 memory and I can play them from the Q3 using the Media Player. If I delete some tracks from the Q3 and reload some of those which are apparently missing then they are now present but only up to a total of 1000. All of these tracks have been previously transferred to a YP_K3 without problem What am I doing wrong? At present I can apparently only use less than 50% of the memory available?
Many thanks

lebellium 08-21-2011 09:39 AM

1200 songs! I can only put 800 on my 8GB Q3. Do you use shitty 128kbps mp3 files or? :confused:

BTW, try updating manually the library (settings>system>library update)
Do you use tags or folder navigation on the Q3?

And you don't need Kies to transfer files. The Q3 is MSC/UMS. Just copy&paste them in the Windows Explorer

terrylevitt 08-22-2011 05:32 AM

Thanks for trying to help
Thank you for your prompt reply and trying to help me. Please accept that I am na´ve in such matters but I do not understand the relevance of the quality of the file to my problem. As I understand it the Q3 is supposed to support 3000 songs it appears to accept only 1000 and my memory is around half full.
I mentioned the use of Kies to show that I had used Samsung's software to transfer the files rather than deviating from their procedures.
I understand about the use of Explorer that is how I know that the 'missing' files ( at least those that I used as markers) are actually present in the Q3 memory quite apart from the fact that I can play them from the Q3 in Media Player. I also used both Q3/Kies and Explorer to delete and add files at a latter stage. Unless I reduce the number of songs below 1000 I cannot get the Q3 to exhibit new titles. I have a number of times and at various stages used the manual library update.
I am afraid that I do not understand your question concerning tags and folders. If by tags you mean file attributes such as artist, genre, albums etc. I have looked for my markers in all these ways. Explorer shows only one folder and the Q3's My files / music seems on the face of it to be the song list!
I was puzzled that if this was an inherent problem why it had not been noted before which is why I was asking what I had done wrong. Your mentioning that your file sizes were such as to allow only 800 titles may explain this.
I listen as one brought up on scratchy second hand 78 and 33s, coming late in life even to CDs so any form of digital sound is a revelation to me. If my problem is inherent then I may even try to improve my ear by going for a better quality but if anyone can resolve it I would prefer to enjoy a wider range of music through this wonderfully convenient medium of MP3.
Many thanks

lebellium 08-22-2011 06:17 AM

I was saying that if you are able to put 1200 songs on a 8GB R0, that probably means your files are not encoded at high bitrate but rather at poor bitrate and that's a pity given the audio capacities of the Q3. But that depends on your ears and your earphones, just a question of personal preferences, of course you are allowed to encode your files at the quality you want, I won't tell you what you have to do^^

So indeed your problem is a real problem. The Q3 has to be able to recognize more than 1000 files and if it is actually not able to, I'll have to report this bug to the R&D and hopefully it will be fixed in a next firmware.
The best would be I try to load more than 1000 songs onto my Q3 and see if I have the same issue but first I have to find lower bitrates files somewhere otherwise I will never reach 1000 songs.

edit: I successfully put 1035 songs on my Q3 and all of them are recognized by the device.
Please make this test:
Put more than 1000 songs on the Q3. Download the freeware mp3tag here. Choose the full install. Connect the Q3 to the computer in MSC mode. Right click on the "Music" folder in the Q3 memory> select mp3tag in the context menu. It will load the files and display "reading tag data xxx of ????" Please tell me what's the number at the place of "????".
Then disconnect the Q3, power it on and go to Music>Songs. On the right corner next to the battery indicator it displays x/????. Please tell me the number.
MP3Tag and the Q3 should give you the same number.

terrylevitt 08-22-2011 05:47 PM

mptag results
Hi thanks for the suggestions. The mp3tag software shows 1238 files and the song list shows the 1000 a number which has never been exceeded each time that I have checked. I hope that this means more to you than it does to me!
Thanks once again

lebellium 08-22-2011 05:53 PM

That's weird :confused:
There is no reason my Q3 can show 1035 files but yours only 1000.

Please try that:
Format the memory from the player settings or from Windows (FAT32). Upgrade to firmware 1.39.
Put all your songs on the Q3 again. Once again, check how many songs are recognized in Music>Songs but check also if the files are shown in Music>Music Browser (that's what I meant by 'folders navigation' in a previous post)

terrylevitt 08-23-2011 05:09 PM

Hopefully problem solved
Hi, thanks for the advice. As you may have gathered being an 'oldie' has meant me being on a learning curve. Several times I have had to go away and make sure that I was doing exactly what you asked. Since I am not confident in being able to quickly download the v 1.39 firmware as you suggested I did not want to risk it So I thought that I would try an intermediate stage. I formatted Q3 as you suggested and bypassed Kies using Explorer to transfer the files instead. Lo and behold the song list number and the MP3tag editor number now agree at 1351 ( I added a few more tracks). A quick look suggests all is in order.
I do not begin to understand how what seems to have been corruption in the file transfer system has led to an incorrect limit which I would have thought would have been set in the firmware. Do you think that the fact that it was set at a round 1000 would suggest a bit dropped somewhere?
When I have some time I will play around to see the effect of installing different versions of Kies.
Thank you very much for your patience. If I might stretch it one last time can you see any downside to using Explorer to transfer the files?

DuxCorvan 01-18-2012 01:50 PM

"1000" song limit strikes again.
Hello, first of all, thanks for admitting as a new member to this community.

I'd like to report two problems:

1) Well, my YP-Q3 8Gb has the above problem. It doesn't recognize more than 1000 songs. Tried the solutions above, even the last one which seemed to work for the original poster, but to no avail:
a) Updated to 1.40 firmware.
b) Formatted from Windows (FAT32).
c) Copied with Explorer 1415 mp3 files (circa 5.5 Gb) to a folder inside the "Music" folder. They are normal-sized, 192 kbit, 44100Hz ID3v2.3 mp3 files. They have embedded jpg artwork.
d) Still it only recognizes the first 1000 songs of the bunch.

2) Another anomaly is that some of my embedded art displays with weird colors, as if with a different palette. They were all 240x240 jpg RGB covers I treated with PS and tagged into the files with mp3tag. Yet most look perfectly well, and some others look like reversed-color pink-blue cr*p. I don't know what's the problem with these. In mp3tag all of them look correct.

┐Any tips for any of the problems above? The first one is specially annoying, since it affects my player's usability considerably.

Thanks in advance.

lebellium 01-18-2012 02:44 PM

That's strange indeed...
Did you try to transfer the files progressively instead of one go?
I mean try to transfer 990~999 files then let the library update itself and transfer a few other files to go over 1000 songs. Then check if the Q3 recognizes them.

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