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IDvsEGO 08-19-2011 03:25 PM

Jvc ha-m750
JVC HA-M750 - Black Series

Manf link:

My local HH Gregg had these for $50, which is the same as online prices so I snatched them up. HH Gregg is like a boring Best Buy so I was surprised to see them and the price. I have been curious about these cans since they came out. I typically enjoy JVC stuff. Not really detail oriented sounds sigs but fun and not fatiguing to me. Also they are typically comfortable. I recommend the Air Cushions all the time.

All Plastic, but still feels solid. The band is light but the cups have a little weight to them. Cable is not heavy but its beefier than my HD428 was, shorter than my k81dj, and doesnít tangle too bad so far so I like it well enough. I do prefer single entry but that isnít a big deal. They fold up into about half their size so they are pretty portable. These are some of the smaller circumaurals available too, so that helps for portable use. All in all they feel like decent quality. Not a tank but I am not afraid toss them in my backpack.

Earpads are soft, clamping force isnít too high and the headband doesnít weigh down on my head. All that makes for a pretty good fit. They are a little tighter than my hd428s but not anywhere near the vice grip of the k81dj. Because of the size and shape of the earcups I do have to fiddle with it for a minute to get my ears properly situated. My primary use for these is to wear at work when my ear canals are to irritated for IEM usage. So they come on and off a lot and usually have about 2 hours continuous use at most. For this purpose they are adequately comfortable.

I think a lot of times our impressions are colored by our expectations. I didnít have an expectation of refined sound or detailed representation with these. They are $50 mass market cans. I expected them to not suck and to have some bass presence and not be too muddy. Thatís what I got honestly. I am not overjoyed and I am not disappointed. I will say I am marginally let down by the low end reach, but only because the AKG did it so well for the same price. I will say that the bass is acceptable and better than many crap cans I have had on my head. It feels more like a mid bass hump that most mass market consumers wow over. My Cell Therapy test confirmed this. The low end ramp up sounded like a cat purring in my ear instead of a V8 rumble. Still, I could hear most of it. Tossed some Black Keys on and its is respectable.

All total I would say I am pleased for $50. I prefer the sound of the AKG but they are a better all around package for me. I donít consider this to be an ultimate $50 set of cans, but I am going to keep them and wouldnít have a problem listing them as a recommended set next time I see a ďrecommend me some cheap cans!Ē post.

The DarkSide 08-19-2011 03:44 PM

I have these as well - the fit is better than the JVC's, but the SQ is better on the AKG's. I kept both of 'em.

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