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darkmetal 08-14-2011 12:53 PM

cowon s9 + mediamonkey playlist help
Hi there i have had cowon s9 for year now and have been using media monkey to create playlist and sync up my music to my cowon s9. My problem is when i delete a playlist in media monkey off my cowon s9 under devices. It deletes my playlist, but if i go into my cowon s9 folder under my computer and then click music. The folders that were created are still on the device its self. I didn't know this before, so everytime i delete my playlist and resync it with new music or add to it. The old music is still there, but in the folder directory.

Anyone know how to fix this problem or direct me to better program that will delete my music playlist along with the music folders? Its pain in the ass going back and deleting all the folders made from that playlist to get it off my device.

asianguy21 08-26-2011 10:17 PM

think i found out a way to make playlists just using the jetaudio program. Just open the program while your player is plugged into the computer. Then, press the playlist button on the program. When the playlist creater is open, right click in the program and choose new playlist. There is a popup confirming the title of your playlist, but that's optional (just click ok). Then just drag and drop the songs you want into the program. ****make sure that the songs you put into the program are songs from you player and NOT from your computer**** After that, right click again and press export (just choose the root directory of your player for you file destination). Now just give it a file name and save as an .m3u file. *For the save settings of the playlist it will be by default ANSI. Change that to Unicode. Now just wait for the successful save popup (it is quick so don't worry) and voila! You just made yourself a playlist.

Hope this solves any questions about playlists

markmp3guy 10-13-2011 03:22 AM

Only problem is cowon still puts limitations on playlists. Specifically 1,000 songs per playlist.

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