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androo235 08-03-2011 07:28 AM

E280 MTP won't install Driver. Can't see Playlists on Sansa filled by MSC. Win 7 Ult
I have posted much more detail on Sandisks own forum and actually my problem has moved on since first posting the above thread title on the Sandisk forum. I hope it's in order to just post a link to that here.


Any help is welcome, reply here or there.


WalkGood 08-03-2011 08:52 AM

Didn’t have time to read your whole post over there but based on what I read here I can say that the E280 was designed to work with XP and AFAIK the only way it works with OS after XP is to connect and load in MSC. Second files loaded via MSC can not be seen in MTP mode like other sansas or vice a versus. Last in the past if you wanted to run it in MTP you had to install WMP version 10 or higher to get the drivers from it but I’m never ran my e260 in MTP other than a few test when I first got it, it's possible that it won't run in MTP with your current OS and once I rockboxed mine I never ran the OF again. Hope something I said helps …

Edit: I read you stated "... it's not clear to me what happens when reformatting. Can someone explain this process, with reference to the E280, to me?" read here.

Edit II: You state: "...A couple of artist/folders would not delete - I've no idea why as they seem the same as all the others...," formatting will delete them all, they were probably loaded in MTP and you are looking at them in MSC, you need to pick one way of connecting and stick with it. AFAIK playlists do not work in MSC unless you use a program that was designed for that, there was one in abi in the past but I'm not sure if the dl link is still good so you should look thru the e200 FAQ's and forums for info.

androo235 08-03-2011 12:37 PM

Sorry, yeah my posts are kinda long.

Thanks for the post regarding formatting - I knew how to format I just wasn't sure of the consequences for the E280 (i.e. would it still be an E280, or just an e280 shaped 8gb memory stick). Anyway I've gone ahead and formatted now - the long version so I'm still waiting for the results of that. However, assuming it comes out of the formatting process still an E280 I will try again putting all my stuff on it and hope it works and works properly this time.

Aside from that I'm not too sure about a couple of the terms you used,

what's AFAIK
what's "rockboxed" and "OF",

I guess that shows my lack of geek credentials.

WalkGood 08-03-2011 12:45 PM

after you format it, disconnect and let it rebuild the db and it reinstalls the firmware.

what's AFAIK - As far as I know
what's "rockboxed" - look at the link under my sig
"OF" - original firmware from sandisk

you might also want to look at the link under my sig for "Glossary for Newbies"

androo235 08-03-2011 01:15 PM

E230 just came out of the format - and seems fine as you indicated it would be. Thanks. I'll now attempt to sync my stuff to it again and hope it all gets transferred, the playlists appear on the Sansa (after converting to pla format) and that all 2,500 or so tracks on the player are actually visible on it.

Thanks for the pointers to the glossary and rockboxing. I will definately look into the latter when I have more time - I'm supposed to be on holiday (vacation) now but seem to be spending most of my time in my room trying to get my Sansa to work as it should.

I read some of the glossary, I know most of it already (honest I do) and will refer in future when I come across things that I don't know.

Cross fingers, here goes.....

androo235 08-03-2011 05:14 PM

E280 MTP won't install, etc
The format seems to have done the job all 2.5k ish songs transferred, playlists there and in tact can now get back to having a holiday.

Will look into "rockboxing" later.

Thanks again.:)

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