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lebellium 07-24-2011 11:04 AM

Samsung Q2 Disassembly Guide
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After the R0 Disassembly guide, here is the one for Q2!
Unfortunately the Q2 is not as easy to disassemble. There's lot of glue and useless scotch tape and adhesive tape that gather dirt everywhere. It's a pain to take it apart without damaging it. As a result, my Q2 doesn't look as good as before but at least this guide will help you not to reproduce the same mistakes :D

Click on a picture to view it in high resolution (5 megapixels)


You need a small screwdriver for sure. Then you also need something like a knife (but may be dangerous...) or a debit card


Use a thin object to remove the front cover. It's not really easy as there are both clips and glue...


Remove the touchpad connector
Don't worry for the screen connector. The screen and the PCB are not really tied together so there is no risk of breaking the connector. As soon as you open the case the screen disconnects and when you close it, it reconnects again! :)


I did not separate the front cover from the LCD panel as they are both stuck together (glue everywhere I told you! :mad: ) but if you want to, you can do it


Remove the 5 screws


You have to remove the shinny frame but there are several clips that make the operation quite difficult. Take your time, be careful of not breaking the plastic.



Use a thin object to remove the PCB. Be careful of the battery still connected


A good thing: the 580mAh battery is not soldered to the PCB so you can disconnect it with a thin object or your fingers. You can see on the pictures above what you get when you remove all the crappy adhesive tape around.


Here you are hehe :D

soundjunky 07-09-2012 04:23 AM

change battery
I want to pop in this forum with an experience I just made.
I donīt know if anybody ever tried to change Q2īs battery?
(at least I wonder to read nothing about problems reg. this)
Because the available accu is much too large (about 5mm).
I tried different stores, returned the first, but then decided
to try anyway (in the absence of alternatives).
The superplus 5mm is the charging electronic.
So I uncover it by removing the yellow film and bend over the
circuit board as flat as possible to the backside of the accu.
Now the square fits, but is too thick, of course.
Solution for this is not very beautiful, but it works.
If not that expensive, I would go for a design skin to cover the hole,
but a piece of tape does the job as well ;)

Tricia37 03-06-2013 01:48 PM

Hi, I would like to thank you for providing this dissasemble tutorial. I wouldn't have been brave enough to try on my own and with the tutorial it calmed my nerves when things like popping occured (when I first took off the front cover) and the orange thing unclipped. http://media.generationmp3.com/lebel...y/P1020606.JPG

I had alot of trouble with the middle screw and ended up having to remove the circle of plastic surrounding the screw because it literally wouldn't move. I was very careful though and it got the silver cover off.

Also thank you soundjunky, I would have been stressing for days as to why reassembling was abit harder as the battery I purchased to replace the old one is a bit bigger than the original. The top of the screen sticks up a little bit but not much and a cover or tape can fix that. I tried to take pictures of the result but my webcam is not loading.

Thank you soo much, now I can use my favourite mp3 player again. I will be sure to be more careful with the battery usage and charging.

(I looked online for another Samsung Q2 and only 4gb were selling for something like Ģ25. The Q2 has been discontinued. Mine is 16/ 14 gb and I paid something like Ģ80 or Ģ90 a few years ago ^^)

lebellium 03-06-2013 01:57 PM

Great that it helped you :)

You said the new battery is a bit bigger but is it the same capacity as the original one (580mAh)?

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