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ThisIsAudioPHILe 07-11-2011 11:20 AM

R0: Play all songs in a folder (and only those)?
Hello everybody,

After much comparing and deliberation, I bought an R0 which I've had for a few days now (apparently one of the last black 16GB models available in Europe...). I knew what to expect so I am pretty happy with the device; however, I can't seem to find one function which is crucial to me.

My music is organized in a pretty neat folder structure. On the highest level sit the broad genres, say 'Pop', 'Techno', and 'Metal' (the files in those folders don't all have the genre ID3 tag filled out though). My old SanDisk Sansa Fuze, from which I was upgrading, would give me - in its equivalent to the R0's 'Music Browser' - an option to play all songs in this folder (and all sub-folders). I found this very useful when I wanted to listen to one type of music, or my 'new tracks' folder on the next level down.

I can't seem to find this function in the R0 (firmware 1.25). In the music browser, I always have to go down to the 'single file level' to start a track, and it won't give me any context menus with the menu or user button when I have a folder selected (as I'd hoped it would work).

Does anyone know how to realize this functionality with the R0?

I thought there might be an (annoying) work-around via the playlists, but Samsung's EmoDio won't let me add whole folders to a playlist either. It, too, insists that I go down to file level.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Many thanks in advance


lebellium 07-11-2011 12:07 PM


On older Samsung DAPs it automatically skips to the next folder when the last song of the current folder has been played. Unfortunately since the YP-P2 (2007) the playback stops after the last song of a folder (it comes back to the list of the songs) and there is no setting to auto skip to the next folder. I already told Samsung that's stupid and that they should at least let the choice to the user through a specific setting...
Your issue is quite similar, it's impossible to play several sub-folders in one go and that will never change with the stock firmware (you said you inquired much about that player so you probably know that I said 1.25 is the latest and last firmware)
Hopefully the guys will manage to port Rockbox to R0 for this kind of issues.

Meanwhile there is only one solution as you said: playlists.
You're not obliged to use EmoDio for that.
For example you can create a M3U playlist with Winamp (R0 connected to the computer in MSC mode and you add songs to the playlists directly from the R0, not from you computer contrary to EmoDio) then you convert it to the SPL format with the online converter tool

PS: BTW, where did you get your 16GB R0?
It has been discontinued for 6 months, I just ordered one on ebay last week for €115 but was very hard to find one!

ThisIsAudioPHILe 07-11-2011 02:51 PM

Merci beaucoup, lebellium - even though you just confirmed my worst apprehension. The playlist work-around works, but it is quite a pain in the a**. I'll see if I can live with it; if not, hello Cowon...

I ordered mine from BMCDigital in the UK, but it was their last one... like I said, seemed to be the last black 16GB in Europe actually. Was on offer, got it for 90.

ralphyd 12-21-2011 11:35 AM

At the same site, a 16GB version is available in silver (on Dec 21 2011)

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