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Techno_Princess 07-05-2011 09:51 PM

Panic! My Polaroid pmp431-4 is freaking!
Ok... I am not savvy with mp3 players. The last one I had was the very first Ipod put on the market. It just recently died on me. But thats not why I am here!!! I bought a little 4GB Polaroid pmp431-4 touch screen mp3 player. I committed the sin of dropping it. :eek:
It kept playing my songs and then I tried to change the artist. And though it usually takes forever to register my touch, it wouldn't AT ALL!!!! Ugh! I noticed it had a hairline crack in the screen and now I can't get it to switch to anything. I restarted it via the reset button by the mic and tried again. I got nothing. I linked it back to my computer and it has all the original files. Is it perpetually stuck? Is the actual touch screen broke? Is there any hope for my little mp3 player? Please help! :(

xXStarShadeXx 07-06-2011 08:15 AM

Same thing happened to me, except i didn't drop it, i had it in my pocket at school and sat on it D:

I also need help, i guess if you have a warranty you can get it, but my dad didn't get the warranty...

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