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anabolina 06-24-2011 10:30 AM

Zen Style M300
So I'm a little excited about the new Zen Style M300. It looks nice enough and the bluetooth might be a fun addition. I was driving into work today and decided to finally get around to connecting my Clip+ to the Ford Sync system via usb, but it wouldn't work until I turned off my phone's bluetooth and simply played music from the phone instead. There's probably a setting I'm forgetting and need to click, but oh well. I was impressed enough with the bluetooth playback that I'll definitely use it more in the future.


So the new Zen Style M300 is coming out next week. Do ya'll reckon it'll be worth buying? My first 2 daps with Creative and I always look at what they have available before buying a new dap/pmp. The Zen Nano was a tank that put up with a lot of abuse and the ZVM could play pretty much anything I put on it video or music-wise without needing conversion.

The name for the new player is a bit weird though. Why name it style? I know there's also a Zen Style 300 so this whole naming thing is bound to get confusing. The word style does not foster confidence in the quality or build of the player.

IDK, I don't need a new player and am quite happy with the clip+ I bought last week, but this new player is pretty cheap and I would finally have a reason to get out my bluetooth headphones. I wonder if they still work...

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