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Cetomimus gillii 06-07-2011 12:45 AM

Recommendations for earphones/IEMs similar in sound to Hippo vb's (<$100)
As I am sure you are all quite aware, Hippo VBs might just be dead. :(
So, as the title implies, I was hoping some of you nice people (preferably vb owners) might recommend a pair that performs similarly; however, I haven't ever heard VBs before, and of course, can't be sure that I would love them, so here is a basic idea of what I'm after:
Price Range: Probably no more than $100
Type/Design: IEM, or something comfortable to wear at home (I don't listen to dubstep when I jog :p )

Preferable SQ or Sound Signature: There will be bass. Not just quantity, but control, decent attack, and general quality (which I believe the VBs to posess?) of the low register, without sacrificing the integrity of the mids and highs. I need phones that can blast out the bass, but keep it metal, ya know?
Also, sibilance bothers me. I've been making do with some $20 open-box Klipsch Image S2s, and most metal is approaching un-listenable to me because of the ridiculously harsh cymbals and guitar highs. So, less sibilance than those, if any at all, is a must. (not actually asking for much, on that last part :rolleyes: )

Media: Not only am I a definite basshead, but I am also a metalhead, ( I like symphonic, melodic, speed, thrash, etc.) making for a rather challenging set of needs. I also love dance/trance, as well as classical orchestral, classic guitar, spanish guitar etc. So I need something that won't screw up the highs... I also like Ronald Jenkees kinda stuff. In short, mostly instrumental music of all kinds. Vocals aren't too important to me.

Source: Primarily a Clip+, Secondarily a pc

THANK YOU for your read, if you feel that I have been unclear, or need anything else, please ask! :)
I am looking forward to any and all advice I can get on this subject.
Of course, you could just do the easy thing and offer to sell me your unwanted VBs in a pm... :p

Confispect 06-07-2011 03:32 AM

I fucking hate the S2 no sound stage sounds like desk top tweeters.

Panasonic HJE900,
Fisher Audio Eterna,
Atrio MG7,
Monster Gold.

IDvsEGO 06-07-2011 10:56 AM

I love my Fischer Audio Eternas. not the same kind of bass as the VB, but plenty of it. More towards the popular midrange hump than the VBs sub bass performance. I have both and usually prefer the Eterna.

Cetomimus gillii 06-07-2011 11:46 AM

Thank you for the replies!
The audio Eternas sound good, especially since most dubsteb has more midbass than true sub anyway. I do have one question about the Audio Eternas - how well do they respond to EQ tweaking? I had heard that the VB's IEM qualities really shone through on that front, which is one reason I was really wanting some.
Anyway, I thank both of you again for your replies! Confispect, I will be sure to look up some reviews for your suggestions, as I hadn't heard of some of those. (good thing!)
Oh, and one more thing, please try to suggest things as close to my budget as possible, I'm off to college in around 28 days, so I can't afford anything much higher than my given budget. Also, if you know a place with a good deal on your suggested phones, I'm all ears! =D

esanthosh 06-07-2011 12:47 PM

Within budget of $100, go for Eterna.

You don't need to EQ Eterna. It's not an offensive sounding IEM by any means. The only "excess" is in the mid-bass. Otherwise, there are no spikes / peaks that you need to EQ in Eterna.

Cetomimus gillii 06-07-2011 04:51 PM

Thank you for your input, Esanthosh! This is good to hear, as I believe I will go with the Eternas if I can't find some VBs in a couple days. Does anyone know a good place to buy these? Uncle Wilson's doesn't seem to have them, and I found a couple small US dealers that carried them, but they were sold out.
Can anyone point me to an online store (preferably in the US)?

steinburger1109 06-07-2011 08:59 PM

The Panas that Confispect suggested are freaking awesome! But they're a bit out of your price range now...

Cetomimus gillii 06-08-2011 12:47 PM

Thank you all for your posts, I believe I have been sold on the Eterna V1s.
So, unless anyone has a very good reason for me to get something besides those, I feel that the point of this thread has been fulfilled, and I don't really need any more recommendations.

Thanks again!

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