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Jolly Joc 06-06-2011 01:41 AM

YH-J70SB Working on Windiows 7
Can anyone help me? I have resurected my Samsung YH-J70SB 20GB because my wifes i#@* from A#$*E drives me crazy with being locked into the iT*^#S.

I have lost the cable from device to USB and have used the extender to a male male USB cable. I have installed the software and drivers from Samsung. It does say only for Windows 2000/XP and this is Windows 7.

When I plug in the cable to the device and then to the USB port the device turns on and the transfer data flashes on the screen then it goes to the song being played and it does not register as a device connected to the USB port on the laptop in Windows. :mad:

1. I need the original cable that connects device directly to USB on PC. Where can I get it? :confused:
2. I need to be able to get the device to work with Windows 7. Are there any drivers, software that other Samsung devices use that work with the YH-J70SB? :confused:

My firmware is: 2.07 Is there a layter version? :confused:

I have PC Connect settings set to: Removable Disk + Charge and have tried on all other settings.

I would appreciate any constructive support for these issues.

Thanks :)

lebellium 06-06-2011 09:29 AM

-2.07 is the latest firmware
-The YH-J70 works with Windows 7 without any specific driver (PC connection mode is MSC/UMS)
-I don't really understand what you tried to do with the USB cable but I'm pretty sure the issue comes from that. Buy the default USB cable. It is the same than for the YP-Z5 if that may help you. There are probably some for sale on ebay. ;)

Jolly Joc 06-08-2011 06:08 AM

Thanks Heaps!!
I appreciate your reply. I have been on Ebay and found the cables. I thought i would do one more check in the draw and cupboards in the house and Yippeee!! I found the original cable, just where i left it 2 years ago in the bottom of the kitchen junk draw!!

It connects and I am using Media Studio, is there a better version or other Samsung Software that will work with the YH-J70.


lebellium 06-08-2011 08:12 AM

Strange place to leave an USB cable but why not :p

Yes, there are more recent softwares: EmoDio and now Kies. Kies is not very good for old players and I'm not even sure it supports the YH-J70 but EmoDio is fine for the YH-J70. You can download it on the Samsung website. BTW, it's just useful to update the library. You can transfer your files without any software, just drag & drop

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