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1ako 05-18-2011 05:31 PM

Quick Question
I use MediaMonkey for my s9
I noticed when i go into ARTIST tab on my s9 ( thats where I always go to, to listen to my music) doing something like this:
Browser>Artist>l(lets say ) Michael Jackson> [History]

sometimes songs show up under a category on my s9 but then when I go onto mediamonkey like this:
Cowon s9 (G: )> Music> Michael Jackson
the album History isnt there.

Can someone tell me why this is? and how to fix it?

Would like to know because i listen to music from my s9 using mediamonkey on my computer. Also i am thinking about transferring all songs to an external drive so i can import all my songs to my new labtop but i am afraid i will not find or have all the songs i used to.

BTW do you guys even recommend MediaMonkey>? or is there a better program out there for s9?


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