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Jon_B 05-14-2011 05:47 AM

Mac USB problem with new YP-RO
I'm using a new Samsung YP-RO with a Mac. I've set the RO to "MSC Mode" and it mounts on the desktop with no problems and I can drag and drop files to the Music folder.

But it won't disconnect whatever I do. The message stays the same on the RO "Data transfer in progress, Do not disconnect".

When I eject the RO it disappears from the Mac desktop but immediately reappears. The Mac won't restart so I have no option but to pull the USB out which produces an error message on the Mac but it will then restart.

I've had to do it several times so far and the transferred files are actually OK and the library refreshes itself but I don't like having to forcefully disconnect each time.

Is there anything else I could try or is it OK to keep on pulling the lead out?

lebellium 05-14-2011 06:36 PM

I don't like and use Mac OS but I can tell you there is also a similar issue on Win 7 (when you clic on the "safely remove device" icon, it also displays "Data transfer in progress, Do not disconnect". Looks like that has been fixed with the latest fw 1.25 but I'm not sure. I have to test it further.
Anyways, as long as you are sure there is no data transfer in progress I guess we don't care about what the R0 says and you can unplug it without expecting something bad.

Jon_B 05-15-2011 05:47 AM

Thanks for the reply.

My RO came with FW 1.19 and I'm nervous about updating on my Mac when there seems to be some problem with the USB connection which I'd obviously have to use to do it.

We also use Macs at work so that's no help. There is one old PC but I'm not sure what operating system that uses, I think it's Windows XP but I can't remember the last time it was turned on as nobody likes using it.

lebellium 05-15-2011 11:59 AM

Hum the fw 1.19 is rather dangerous for your R0. I advise you to upgrade to fw 1.25 ;)
You can do it from your Mac. There is no problem with the USB connection as you can transfer files without any problem you said. Just forget about what the R0 displays. Once you are sure the data transfer is complete you can safely unplug it.

Jon_B 05-15-2011 01:49 PM

OK. Thanks very much again.

I've updated to FW 1.25 without incident. Just had to remember to reset the USB mode back to MSC as it defaulted to MTP after the restart.

It hasn't made any difference to the disconnection problem but I've added a lot of files now and it doesn't seem to be causing any trouble.

It's a lovely player and I'm enjoying the Album display on the screen which looks great. My previous player didn't have a display feature.

Only the FM radio disappoints as it's not as good as my Sansa Clip. I can compare the two directly and the reception on the RO is far worse. But I didn't buy it to use as a radio so it's not a problem.

Thanks again. Much appreciated.

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