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h8uthemost 05-13-2011 03:05 AM

Amps and the D2+
I'm wondering how much my headphones will benefit from an amp. Anyone here use an amp with their D2/+? Since there's no line out option on this portable, I'm wondering if it's really worth it to get one.

I'm planning on getting some headphones later on(both full size and IEM's) that are going to be pretty high on impedance, so I'm sure I'm going to need some help driving them. Not to mention I'm hoping an amp can improve the sound quality on my current headphones(not that they don't sound great already though, but if I can get the "full potential" out of them with an amp then that would be great).

I'm thinking of either the new Fiio e11 or a cMoyBB.

Any info you guys can give me will be appreciated.


Elanzer 06-12-2011 08:05 PM

I have a FiiO E5 velcro'd to the back of my D2 which does improve things marginally when using higher impedance headphones, but when using it with low impedance (typical IEMs) it actually reduces quality by inducing hissing, so I rarely use it. This has more to do with the poor quality of the E5 in general though. You should get good improvement with an E11 or cmoy amp if your IEMs actually need it.

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