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clappboard 04-25-2011 05:31 PM

Opinions on the Sennheiser CX 270 with Cowon J3
Hey guys

I recently bought myself a Cowon J3 ;) and am astounded by the sound quality, especially the bass. I listen to a lot of hardcore-genre music, hence a lot of deep bass parts. I have set up my EQ to get that deep "pounding" bass, and I love it.

There's only one problem though; I can't really enjoy that audio quality without a proper set of IEMs, however I'm not willing to spend a great deal of money on something that, knowing me, I'm going to break in < 1 year. After doing some browsing, my eye has settled on the Sennheiser CX 270 In-ear phones. They seem ideal: cheap(ish), apparently great bass, and they come from a renowned name.

So, I guess my question is, are they suitable? Is there any flaws I'm overlooking?
I know It's only about $50 altogether, but I'd just like to be sure. :D

Thanks in advance!

Satellite_6 04-25-2011 06:30 PM

Sennheiser is great and all, but I don't think much of their cheap IEMs.

Consider these or look at some of the other threads that talk about cheap IEMs (there are many in this section).


clappboard 04-25-2011 07:29 PM

Thanks for the reply, Satellite. I see you have a pair of the NE-6s. Is the bass powerful and driving? Also is the background noise isolation on them as bad as some reviews say?

Satellite_6 04-25-2011 07:53 PM

They have plenty of bass and relatively good isolation. I listened to music with them while mowing the lawn once. :)

jupitreas 04-25-2011 08:58 PM

If you can pay a little more, you can't go wrong with the Hippo VB for your intended use. They have some of the best bass around, particularly at that price point.

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