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Random_Kiwi 04-19-2011 07:55 PM

HELP - E100 phantom files which won't delete
Last night I was adding new stuff to my iRiver E100 in iPlus3...part way through a large list of files/folders the transferring stopped and iPlus went non-responsive...in Task Manager, the application was showing as closed, but the Process was still there and chewing up 97%+ of CPU usage, and even then I Ended the process, it didn't clear from the screen.

Now this morning I've gone back into iPlus and there's 2 files which show as 0:00 in length which just reappear anytime I delete them (even happens when accessing the player through a Windows File Manager/Explore window...) delete, refresh, and they're back...when I try to transfer these files again in iPlus, it fails, "an unknown error occurred" and if I try and drag/drop or copy n paste in File Manager, it says it can't copy the files as they're corrupt or unreadable...yet if I open the files in Win Media Player, they play fine.

Any clues on how I fix this, wonderful iRiver people???


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