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Appick 04-09-2011 09:34 AM

What software do you use for synching to the R0?
I have a library of about 40,000 songs (about 700GO) and I've been using the free version of MediaMonkey - upto now.
For a while now I've been pesting because the computer library up date is incredibly slow (big library, so might be normal). It's the best programme that I've been able to find.
I like the layout, it reads Flac, MP3, MP4 and others natively, I used to use the tagger (that's quite powerful) until I discovered MP3Tag, and synchronising to myR0 causes no problems (I even have the cover art displayed with WMA!) but I was wondering what you guys use!
Are there other (better?) programmes? I've tried Emo (that lasted about half an hour), WMP (don't like it - I seem to remember it being very processor heavy and Flac isn't native). I've tried Clemetine and Song bird a long while back - they might be better now but I think they were very processor heavy too. Foobar's looks good but doesn't synch (unless there's a new plug-in). Most of the time I copy/paste files onto my R0, but I like to use a programme too. I don't like installing and uninstalling programmes which is why I'm looking for advice.
I have an old computer 6 years old which is why I keep mentioning processor heavy!!

stbi 04-18-2011 01:56 PM

I use robocopy.exe from the Microsoft Robocopy GUI 2006_11 to synchronize my player(s) with my MP3 archive. I call robocopy from within a batch file which scans all drive letters for attached devices and then automatically mirrors the files from predefined directories to these device(s). (The attached devices are identified by empty text files in the root directory, e.g. "r0-intern.txt", "r0-card32GB.txt").

trip^ 04-18-2011 03:13 PM

just manuall drag & drop via usb2 connected on a win7 machine.
also using folder-mode only.
cant be arsed with all these crappy and feature bloated tools and players.

i will never ever buy a id3-tag based only player again.

the syncing aspect is irralevent and contraproductive for me.
i have so much audio-files, in only need to copy latest stuff
manually as needed.
16gb (or even more) is just not enough in comparission.

mediamonkey (and most other audio-players for that matter) are either
completley oversized, use too much ram for shit, have unwanted services running
in the background and take ages to just start.

i heard good things about robocopy though.
there are one or two other auto-sync-mangement-tools, that are pretty
good. forgot the names. :o)
good luck on your search.

Appick 04-29-2011 03:16 AM

Thanks for the answers - I'll give Robocopy a look!

stbi 05-06-2011 02:43 PM

I'm using the robocopy command line switches /mir and /dst to sync my player. /mir means mirror and will copy/update/delete files on the destination dir that are new/changed/deleted in the source dir. The /dst switch is important to handle file time differences caused by daylight saving time correctly.

Here's an example (where A: is the drive letter of the music archive, R: is the drive letter of the internal memory of the player, and M: is the SDHC card):


robocopy "A:\Musik\Genres\Blues, Jazz, Soul"  "R:\Music\Blues, Jazz, Soul" /mir /dst
robocopy "A:\Musik\Genres\Folk, World, Ethno" "R:\Music\Folk, World, Ethno" /mir /dst
robocopy "A:\Musik\Genres\Pop & Rock"        "R:\Music\Pop & Rock" /mir /dst
robocopy "A:\Musik\Genres\Sonstiges"          "R:\Music\Sonstiges" /mir /dst

robocopy "A:\Musik\Genres\Elektronik"        "M:\Music\Elektronik" /mir /dst
robocopy "A:\Musik\Genres\Klassik"            "M:\Music\Klassik" /mir /dst
robocopy "A:\Musik\Genres\Relax, New Age"    "M:\Music\Relax, New Age" /mir /dst

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