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nikodead 04-08-2011 07:46 AM

Library In Walkman X is problem
I'm from Japan and i don't know much English. So i hope you will understand what i say. I bought this 1 years ago. I transfer music by drag and drog by usb. Everything is seem right but unlucky some songs i put to X walkman . libraray show them in wrong place. I have 14 songs in my album: The Twilight Valley by Garnet Crow but when i play them . in artist option, it shows 2 GARNET CROW (same name, and i don't know how to put them into one artist). I click the first GARNET CROW it shows me 9 songs in album The Twilight Valley and the second GARNET CROW it shows me 5 songs.

Green Day band is problem too. I used MP3tag to edit but nothing change. Any body can help me. show me the way. If i can i will post a video to show this problem.

hpilot 04-18-2011 09:12 AM

Make sure the tags are EXACTLY the same - no extra spaces etc. Try to use copy and paste to be sure.

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