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-PL-mike 03-22-2011 10:59 AM

TDK Sound Cube - Pictures/Opinion
TDK Sound Cube $299.99 USD

Pros: Loud and balanced clean sound, Build Quality/Design, Equalizer for Bass/Treble, General USB support/control(iPod, USB stick, Walkman, Sansa), Portable, Instrument Port

Cons: In order for it to be portable it requires 12 D batteries and also disappointing that there is no remote.

Here are pictures of the Sound Cube:

TDK Sound Cube by i_mike, on Flickr

TDK Sound Cube . by i_mike, on Flickr

oluv 04-29-2011 07:31 AM

wow looking pretty neat.
how does it sound compared to an altec lansing imt800 for example, or a harman kardon go+play which unfortunately sucks when run from batteries.

have you tried the sound cube with batteries too? does it compromise sound or power compared to AC?

looks really interesting. i already liked the logic3 jivebox, but it was only for AC-power. i haven't heard the arcam rcube though, which seems to be of similar size, but has a built in battery and is praised a lot for its sound.

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