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walkmanrevo 03-11-2011 12:44 PM

Has anybody got this...?
hello, I have a sony cpf-ix001 s-master dock. The sound is awesome for the size and I use it sometimes with the wifi option (not the greatest tho).
After conflicting research I understand that the early nw-s 600 & 700 series work with the dock and the remote?
If so I need to get one of those early models. I have put ad in classifieds.

Secondly, has anybody or someone you know got a New model of the same series or other series that has supringly worked with same dock and remote function.
Its based on W-port so their should be quite a few sony mp3 players with that spec. Love to know, then I can buy a decent size newer model new/used, rather than the stupid costs the early models are going for on ebay..i mean cmon nw-s703 1gb 40!!!!

Ive asked Sony, they don't know..typical

Appreciate the help...

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