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ira 01-23-2011 11:23 AM

neither xp nor windows media player 11 recognize clix 4GB N73

After a long time of not using my clix, I'm trying to add music to it, but neither windows xp sp3 nor windows media player 11 will recognize my clix when it's plugged in

I believe it's because I need a driver, since under device manager, 'other devices > iriver clix' there's a yellow question mark and exclamation mark, and when I click on 'iriver clix' I 'm told that 'the drivers for this device are not installed'

Where can I find the appropriate drivers ? (I never installed any drivers to begin with, and the unit worked perfectly fine)

Th iriver site is very confusing, as there are no drivers for the clix. In fact I'm confused between the designations 'clix', 'clix2', and 'U10'. My model says 'iriver clix' and below '4GB N73'

Some other info:

1) When I plug in the clix to one of the usb ports I hear the characteristic three little beeps but there's no recognition of the device under 'my computer', nor is there any recognition of the device in windows media player 11

2) I can recharge the clix battery by plugging it into my pc

One other question: is it possible to sync the iriver with mediamonkey ?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Be well,

ira 01-23-2011 11:45 AM

problem solved !!!
that was easy i just went into device manager uninstalled 'other devices > iriver clix', unplugged the iriver, and when i plugged it back in windows recognized it !!!

also mediamonkey does sync the iriver

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