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hellohello 01-12-2011 07:36 AM

P2 reborn
First apologies , I pasted this in Contests by mistake, sorry
I recentlu updated the firmware on this player.After a week of black screens and many emails and phone calls, I reloaded the firmware to discover the player has been transformed into a wonderful machine.
I can search through albums by looking at album art displays.
I can record FM radio.
I can watch bbc iplayer downloads.
Different textures of paper mean that the text or ebook function is crystal clear and pleasant to use.The screen rotate by a gentle circle motion on the screen is very useful too.
To top it all the touchscreen is much more accurate.
All these improvements push it right up the league table.
Only one issue:
TTS is listed on the Music menu.I understand this to mean Text To Speech which I would use with ebooks or texts.Despite this being checked in the menu, it doesn't seem to be available.
When you go to the text menu in Emodio it gives you a link if you try to play the file but this stakes you to emodio.com in Korean but no link can be found even using Google translate on the page.
This is a fab machine and it's amazing because prior to this update I'd given up on the player and gone back to my good old sansa clip.

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