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dfkt 12-12-2010 05:49 PM

R0 UI messed up, doesn't go past the bootup screen
YP-R0JCB/EDC 8GB, no SD card, only MP3s (no other audio codecs or videos), FW 1.23-EU, MSC, Win XP SP3 32bit

Not sure what triggered this, but at some point the UI completely messed up. The R0 started normally, but it got stuck at the black screen with the big 'R0' logo in the middle, and the Samsung URL at the bottom. It did react to key presses, and it moved around on the main screen (without the main screen being visible), despite being stuck on the black screen. I could go around the main screen and enter the menus, entering the system menu, the music screen, etc - the player worked well, besides the main screen. When I exited for example the music screen, it didn't go back to the main menu, it did go back to displaying the startup screen.

I checked all MP3s on the player with MP3val, I reset the player to defaults, I deleted crap from the playlists folder, I used the reset hole - this all didn't help. So I formatted the player first with its internal tool, then formatted it again with the official SDcard.org formatter, for a better cluster size. Now the 'system' folder seems to be gone, but obviously that doesn't matter.

Now it seems to be working again, and I hope it doesn't mess up like that again, which would be seriously annoying. I searched the forums but didn't find any similar issues - is that a common bug with the R0?

Could some of the custom UCIs mess the R0 up, or doesn't it like to be 'unsafely' removed (I'm using Teracopy, so unsafe is actually very safe)? Are there issues with ID3 tags, or other stuff that could cause such a huge showstopping bug?

nik1105 12-12-2010 08:35 PM

I had the same issue once, reset didnt help, only firmware reinstalling fixed this problem.

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