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mssmoney 12-09-2010 08:12 PM

Zune headphones/earphones with play/pause control

I need some help. Recently my IEMs gave out on me and I'm now looking to replace them with quite a few pairs depending on function. The ones I'm now particularly after are those earphones that have control functions (i.e. play/pause audio) for use with my Microsoft Zune 120gb.

Now I've seen a few that claims to do what I'm after but they all seem to be built for use with ipods. Here are some example links of what I mean:





If anyone knows of earphones that can do the particular function I'm after (plus good sound quality and isolation) and also are compatible to work with the Zune, then please give a response.

Also the budget can be from as low as possible to say $150 - just keep it varied.


Machiventa 12-10-2010 01:43 AM

I'm almost 100% sure none of those are compatible with a Zune. I believe the dual connect remote is the only controller that works with Zunes. I bought one from that seller and it works beautifully with my 80GB.

mssmoney 01-04-2011 10:44 AM

Hi Machiventa,
I bought from that seller you recommended and only just received them today as it was international delivery (plus the xmas holidays). Anyways they work like a charm!

Thanks for the Good Tip

Machiventa 01-04-2011 11:55 PM

Sweet, glad it's working for ya. Not as good as a remote on the headphone cord but at least it's something.

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