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riano 11-04-2010 05:54 AM

YH-J70LW-Janus 1.083 white screen
big problem with the samsung YH-J70LW,
after the update from samsung HP(Janus firmware 1.083 MTP)
the old samsung logo doesn`t appear but only the the white screen.

MTP/UMS no problem but any new firmware I transfer shows no effect.

does exist a flash software to roll back the old firmware?

thanks for helping link/advice

lebellium 11-04-2010 06:21 AM

Have you a Canadian YH-J70? Because the firmware 1.083 MTP is for Canada only (not the main PCB than the other YH-J70 worldwide).

The normal latest worldwide firmwares are the 3.00 MTP (not recommanded, a piece of shit) and 2.07 UMS.

Try to format the player on your computer and reinstall the firmware.
There is no recovery tool available.

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