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Kadou 10-17-2010 01:21 PM

Cowon V5 or S9?
Long story short, the power switch for my Cowon D2+ recently became loose and will not work anymore. Added to that, I managed to turn it on through a USB connection but found it is stuck on hold. I know I can get it repaired, but now I'm curious in buying another player as a replacement.

Right now, I'm stuck between the V5 and S9. The V5 is cheaper at this point, has some awesome video playback features, and supports the SDHC I used for the D2+. However, I've been hearing mixed views on firmware and UI and whatnot - in short, I want to know if it's too obtrusive. If it is, then the S9 seems like the better option.

I suppose this is really a question about the V5: do the benefits outweigh the weaknesses?

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