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buzzbrat 10-14-2010 12:01 PM

WM-PORT pin outs

Does anyone know the pin outs for the 22 pin WM-PORT lead? Reason being I have a snowboarding jacket with ipod controls built into the sleve and I'd like to make a cable to connect my X series if possible?



ultrapony 11-01-2010 12:41 AM

Sup bro, welcome to the forum.

Whelp, somebody has already figured out how to get a line-out from the WM-PORT, and change the volume in this mode.

It IS technically possible to get track up/down as well, but I dunno anything about the details. If someone adventurous had a dock with controls, a generic WMPORT bearing walkman, and a broken out cable, they could sit on pins to see if these signals were simple or nasty to reproduce.


Rc | (recording) | (LineOut) |
inf x x <BCR-NWS700,USB-cable>
220k ohm o x <WMC-NWR1>
100k ohm o o ( variable )
68k ohm o x
47k ohm x o ( fixed )
33k ohm x o ( variable )
22k ohm o o ( fixed ) <SRS-NWZ10>
15k ohm o o ( variable )
10k ohm x o ( variable ) <WS-12L(���P)>
4.7k ohm x o ( fixed ) <DCC-NWC1>

o = it can
x = it can't

with variable you can change the output volume ( has BEEP sound when turned on in settings)

with fixed the volume is fixed at maximum (30) when cable is removed from wm-port volume returns to the volume before it was set to max and changes back to headphone output.

when connected to DC supply: 5V in pin 07 and pin 20

when connected to USB: 5v in pin 07 and pin 11

#pin-No:Long/Short: description
01: L: GND
02:S :
03:S : USB data +
04:S : USB data -
05: L: USB GND
06: L:
07: L: Vin(5V)
08:S : RxD/Wake (control-signal-input)
09:S : check Cradle
10:S : TxD/Sleep (control-signal-output)
11:S : check USB
12: L: battery-output
13:S : audio-left-input
14:S : audio-left-output
15: L: audio-GND
16:S : audio-right-input
17:S : audio-right-output
18: L: (video) GND
19:S : (vidoe-in/out) (hmm i wonder if i can make a vid in/out cable too lol)
20:S : check DC-input
21:S : (digital_out)
22: L: GND

checks if connected to cradle with pin 08 -- (direct) pin 10

check type by pin09 -- Rc -- GND with Rc resistance
(shamelessly copypasta'd from

I can't find the original source who found the resistance values. I think its because he knows too much, and was disappeared. That's way better an explanation than saying the Japanese I remember is too lame to use the internet. If someone knows where the original site is, that'd be sweet tho.

Your idea is really worth looking into in the long run. I mean, how great would it be if we just stuck some buttons and female wm-port, ipod, sansa, lineout, etc ports onto an arduino, and made an "anything-to-anything" adapter?

ultrapony 11-01-2010 01:03 AM

Also I'm not sure how that thumbs down thing got up there. Is it talking about me? Cos that's cool. Genius is misunderstood in its time. But I'm not sure if I clicked something wrong by accident. Yeah, I'm one of those geniuses.


qbic 11-03-2010 05:59 AM

digital_out = spdif ?

crash987 12-10-2011 10:44 PM

sorry to bring a dead post back, but i am looking for a pinout for the WM port 20 pin, i am trying to make an ipod - to - wm port adapter. what i am really looking for is where to connect the L/R audio to the connecter

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