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iruser 09-20-2010 07:59 PM

coby mp 727 - and its battery

Bought a coby mp727 for an 8 year old. working great - songs and movies just work, which is nice.


i simply cannot figure out how you know when the battery is charged.

it does not appear to come out of charging mode when fully charged (assuming that after 14 hours of the initial charge it was charged).

you do not appear to be able to turn it on while charging to see the battery indicator on the display.

is there a way to know if the battery is charged?


lestatar 09-20-2010 08:55 PM

Hey iruser, welcome to ABi...Not sure how many folks have Coby players or experience with them. Hate to say it, but most of us dislike Coby. Still, for an 8 year old, probably a good choice. :D

As for full charge, no idea. If there is no indicator, I must assume that after at least 3-4 hours of charging the device is probably at full power [using an AC charger]. If charging via USB [from a computer] it may take much longer than that.

I am purely guessing and using some common sense so take that for what it is worth...

I know many more knowledgable folks here on this stuff will chime in hopefully!

PS: in either case of charging, via wall AC outlet or computer, surely overnight charging will result in 100% charge for the Coby. :D

iruser 09-21-2010 08:26 AM

thanks for the reply - yes coby is a low end brand, and i suspect the technology inside may not be the current technology. But yes perfect for an 8 year old. Cool in that it does movies, and cheap enough that when he drops it in the snow, no biggy.

i read the article about lithium batteries and how it can charge in pieces, it does not have a memory as batteries of old did. very interesting and helpful. This battery would appear to be as described, it will take a partial charge and go for a couple of hours. Using video sucks the battery really quickly, but I guess that is to be expected.

I'm charging it via usb, looking for the a/c usb charger - one that will turn off when the battery is charged since the unit does not appear to.

when you plug this thing in a USB symbol is displayed on the screen. You can transfer files to it, but not turn it on. While it is turned on there is a battery symbol that appears to change colour as it draws down, as well as show a shorter battery as it draws down.

I had expected that when it is fully charged it would have turned off the usb symbol.

thanks again for the reply.

lestatar 09-21-2010 02:22 PM

iruser: well, it probably is due to low end Coby electronics/firmware used where the USB icon stays displayed even when fully charged. Actually as I understand it [am no battery expert] most modern portable device batteries can be charged/discharged at any time, with no real negative impact on lifespan [though I could be wrong]...

Yeah, I think your best bet is simply to plug the thing in and charge overnight. Wake up the next day and let your kid enjoy some music/movies. :D


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