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kremer930 09-14-2010 01:34 AM

Are there any Mac Cowon users? AAC & ALAC
Hi guys

I am a newbie here and also a mac user. I love my mac but hate how it is locked down in so many areas. Most things I have managed to find work arounds.

I have just ordered a Cowon J3 as my recent Sennheiser ie8 purchase showed that my iphone wasn't quite as good a source as I thought/hoped.

Most of my music is ripped as apple lossless within itunes. I also have some flac files but have used a program called MAX to convert those across to apple lossless.

Enough background there...my question is.... how do I use the Cowon player with a lossless format without having to rebuild my entire library? Is there an easy way?

I have given up also using my iphone as a player and have also thought of using FLUKE etc to get itunes to play my FLAC at home.

Thanks for your help. Hope that someone has solved these issues previously.

Satellite_6 09-14-2010 09:55 AM

Convert back to FLAC.

Stop using ALAC on your iphone if that was what you were using, lossless is an epic waste of space on a bad sounding DAP.

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