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flacvest 08-01-2010 10:58 PM

Samsung Galaxy S Series Cellphone / PMP Crossover Devices
Hi All,

I failed to see a dedicated thread for this particular and peculiar topic.

It _IS_ a cross-spectrum thread, but this is a cross-spectrum device, and category, so I hope the mods allow it, and fail to hit the big red delete me button.

I have a Galaxy S Smartphone en route to me, thanks to T-Mobile, in the model guise of the T-Mobile Vibrant.

I'm RATHER Excited about the thinger.

As I've done some digging around at Wolfson Micro's site, it will contain the WM8994 Audio Hub (aka DAC solution) which has quite a few things going right for it... I posted the info on my blog Any Manner Of Things which can be accessed here: http://amot.wordpress.com/2010/07/07...994-audio-hub/ for clarity' sake, and those features I will re-iterate in this passage.

1) “ReTune™ Mobile 5-band, 6-channel parametric EQ” which lends to us the idea that these devices (Galaxy S, Galaxy Touch, Wave) will all have 5-band parametric Equalizers.

2) Hi-Fi 24-bit 4-channel DAC and 2-channel ADC which appears to lend the observation that it will do 24-bit audio.

3) 100dB SNR during stereo DAC playback (Class ‘A’ weighted). which lends the impression that the signal to noise ration will be 100 dB, during stereo DAC playback, and that it will be Class 'A' weighted, the best type for high-fidelity Audio. YAY!

So I am keenly and eagerly awaiting the end of my 7 (business) day shipping window and will be thrilled with the moment I get to toss some HQ (CBR320 MP3 and nice bitrate FLAC Files) onto this spanky new Samsung Vibrant device!!!

My other hopes are that Seido Innocell makes a Large Capacity battery pack for the device so I can MURDER the Battery all I wanna without running to the wall jack like a vegetarian that finally ate some tainted taco bell after five years of sticking to thier vegan diet. and with an TMI VIOLATION such as that, I bid you all adieu... for it is LATE, and I am just totally thru with creative writing at this point in time... LULZ

You'll hear more about my honeymooning with the Vibrant later!!!

archheretic 11-02-2010 07:10 PM

I would be very interested to hear what you think of the Galaxy S as a music player. I have a cowon s9 at the moment, but would love a super amoled screen. But don't want to lose too much sound quality :)

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